I am a huge fan of Latest in Beauty collections and I have to say, the Cosmopolitan Holiday Edit is possibly one of my favourites. Not only is there a vast array of products, but the value for money is incredible. There is a whopping 12 products featured for the bargain price of just £20 (now £18 in the sale!) and all delivered free of charge if you’re a subscriber.

So let’s take a look at these holiday essentials!

Ladival DNA Repair Aftersun Gel


Ladival is not your average aftersun and is actually a very clever product. DNA Repair aftersun gel helps stop UV light damage, which continues even after exposure to the sun. It not only prevents any further damage to the skin but also repairs it, which helps to reduce signs of premature aging. As it contains vitamin E and dexpanthenol, your skin will also feel soothed, nourished and typical symptoms of sunburn (tightening and reddening) will be greatly reduced. The cooling effect of the after sun is a great addition and it left my skin feeling soft, moisturised and reduced the amount of skin peeling long term. I highly recommend this clever skincare, and will certainly be purchasing more Ladival products in the future!

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil Lip Balm SPF 15


Lips are often an area of the body which are forgotten when it comes to sun protection. This Palmer’s lip balm not only protects lips from harmful rays but also keeps them in tip-top condition. It also smells amazing and stays on lips for quite a while after use. This is definitely one of my summer essentials as it’s perfect for using before lipstick application too.

Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel in Lollipop


I’m already huge fan of Merci Handy products, so I already knew I would love the quality of this. The lollipop scent isn’t as sweet as you’d expect, so certainly don’t let this put you off. It has a light fresh fragrance, which in all honesty smells like summer, and doesn’t have the tell-tale clinical sanitiser smell. It’s also a great sized bottle, with a practical lid, so it won’t leak out in your handbag (yes, this happened to me in the past. It was an awful experience and one which I will gladly not be repeating!) . It also quickly absorbs and doesn’t dry your hands out – I never leave the house without it.

Wet Brush in Punchy Pink


As I have long hair, detangling brushes play a big part in my haircare routine. With its traditional hairbrush shape, non-slip texture and full length bristles, I’ve found this more effective than other detangling brushes on the market as it glides through my thick hair with ease. This will certainly make your holiday hair so much easier and doesn’t damage your tresses unlike your normal hairbrush (and hurts a lot less than a comb).

Collection Speedy Blush Stick

20170519_133311I love cream blush, especially in the summer, as it is perfect for a fresh and dewy make-up look. This blends beautifully, even on my dry skin, and doesn’t wear off throughout the day. The stick format also means that it is quick and easy to apply and is a great addition to my make-up bag (especially as you can also pop some on your lips for subtle tint!).

MUA Luxe Ombre 3-Shade Shimmer Highlighting Stick


As with cream blushers, I’m also a fan of cream highlighters. The formulation is buildable, so you can go from subtle to full-on-glow with ease. The 3-shades are designed to complement any skin tone and it catches the light beautifully. This highlighter gets a big thumbs up from me!

Nails Inc. Nail Polish Neon in Notting Hill Gate


Nails Inc. are among my favourite nail varnish brands and this gorgeous neon pink could not be more perfect for summertime as it’s the perfect accessory with any tan (or even pale girls like me!). It goes on beautifully, as the brush is perfectly sized, yet the formula does require 2-3 coats to get a full coverage. As you’d expect from Nails Inc., it lasts a good week with no chipping!

St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask



This easy to apply mask allows you to choose a timing relative to the level of tan you require. They range from light for 5 mins up to dark for 15mins. I was very nervous about this as I’ve had a lot of tanning issues in the past. After many self-tan mistakes, I decided to put this on my leg instead of my face (I know this isn’t a true test, but I couldn’t risk looking like an oompa loompa!). Obviously, this pale girl went for 5 mins, and after massaging the formula in after use, and washing my hands thoroughly, my skin felt really nice, soft and hydrated. 8 hours later, I checked its progress and it’s fair to say that I was a completely different a colour. Despite massaging the excess tan into my whole lower leg, it is predominately in a circular face-mask sized disc on my shin with a very dark edge around it. The colour itself, despite being around 5-6 shades darker than my own skin, is quite a nice tan brown. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be wearing long trousers for the foreseeable future as after 5 days, the tan hasn’t faded at all. I’m so glad I didn’t use this on my face as no amount of bronzer could have corrected this. Now I know this wasn’t a true test, as I didn’t try it on my face, but this is enough for me to know that this St Tropez mask is not for me. If you’re a pale girl looking for a glow, then I personally wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re more tanned, or a slightly deeper skin tone, then I’d suggest starting at 5 mins and seeing how it turns out first.

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Multi Protecting Hydrating Mist SPF30


As a dry and dehydrated skin sufferer, I’m a huge fan of the moisture bomb range from Garnier. This was my first experience of trying the hydrating mist, and after using it once, I know it will be my last. This spray leaves a white residue on your skin which actually left me needing to cleanse my face instead of feeling intensely hydrated. Sorry Garnier, this one is definitely not for me.

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water


Next up is another Garnier product, and thankfully, one I know I already love! Cleansing waters, such as Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing water, are not only great for freshening the skin throughout the day but they also help combat hayfever symptoms as they remove any allergens from the face and eyes. As far as cleansing goes, this certainly leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth, without making it feel tight or drying at all. Personally, I didn’t remove my full make-up with it, but I can say that it’s very effective at correcting make-up mishaps. I also love that it’s available to buy in this handy on the go size as well as the large 400ml bottles. If you’re a fan of cleansing waters, then look no further than Garnier Skin Active.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara


Eyeko mascaras are amazing. That’s a fact. Their Black Magic mascara featured in my top ten products of 2016, and I couldn’t wait to try their Sport Waterproof mascara. This one features a curved brush for perfect lash shaping and really stands the test of time. Even through the recent heatwaves and downpours, as well as watering allergy eyes, my mascara stayed in place all day without flaking, smudging or wearing off. The best part of this formula is that it remains clump-free and is easy to remove. This will certainly be staying in my make-up bag for the foreseeable future. Top Tip: If you hate wearing waterproof mascara because it’s sometimes a pain to remove, always opt for an oil-based remover. You can also wear normal mascara, and re-coat with waterproof mascara which will not only give you the waterproof wear, but also make it easy to remove at the end of the day!

Being by Sanctuary Spa Wash bag


Finally, and by no means least, this beautiful Sanctuary Spa wash bag is perfect for summer. Its wipeable exterior, cool design and roomy interior will hold all those essential items. It is also an exclusive design for Cosmopolitan and a must-have travel companion to keep you looking stylish on the move!


So that’s the impressive Latest in Beauty Cosmopolitan Summer Edit box. Despite my disappointment at two products (St. Tropez and Garnier – you let me down!), this is possibly my favourite collections box yet. The range of products for the current price of £18 is amazing and will certainly keep your beauty supplies stocked up for summer. You can find it at www.latestinbeauty.com.

Have you purchased yours yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care, Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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