AA Skincare is a natural skincare range by Amphora Aromatics, one of the largest supplier of aromatherapy and essential oil products in the UK. The whole range combines 100% pure essential oils with classic natural ingredients to create award-winning skincare items that are all cruelty free, natural and great value for money.

A few month’s ago, I purchased two lovely items and couldn’t be happier with both the service and the quality of products I received. I was so thrilled with my order that one of the items even featured in my Top Ten of 2017…

Bergamot and Aloe Deodorant


I’ve been using natural deodorants since last Summer and haven’t looked back. Unlike conventional deodorants,  they allow skin to breathe, don’t clog pores and use essential oils to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. A lot of them, including this one from AA Skincare, are also free-from aluminium, alcohol and synthetic perfumes so they better for your wellbeing and irradiate a lot of skin irritations. I have to say that I’ve been very impressed by the performance of this Bergamot and Aloe deodorant from AA Skincare, as not only has it keep my under arms feeling soft and supple, but it has also kept any body odour away and is easy to apply with roll-on dispenser. The best part has to be the unisex scent, which is light and fresh, as well as the fact that it lasts such a long time! I’ll certainly be repurchasing this, as well as trying out some new scents from the range, in the near future.

AA Skincare Deodorants – £4.94

Shampoo Bar – Brilliantly Balancing for Greasy and Oily Hair

Shampoo Bar

I am always on the look out for products designed for oily hair types as even though I have very thick hair, which is quite dry on the ends, my roots have tendency to be quite oily. This small bar, which gives you twice as many washes as a 250ml bottle of liquid shampoo, exceeded my initial expectations. Lemon and Bergamot are the two main essential oils which reduce excess oils and scalp build-up, stimulate hair growth, soothe scalp irritation and add shine to the hair. Due to the size and shape of the bar, it is so easy to use, as it fits perfectly into your palms as you create a lather to rub through your hair. It smells incredibly fresh and zesty, and my hair always feels squeaky clean and looks instantly brighter after use (as it eradicated any product build-up). It lasts such a long time that I’m still on my first bar, so it’s fantastic value for money! It is also great for travelling, as you don’t run the risk of spillage, and as there are so many to choose from, you’ll be guaranteed to find one to suit your hair type. I was so impressed by this, that it made it’s way into my top ten products of 2017, and I’d highly recommend to anyone struggling to find that shampoo that offers a deep cleanse without drying the hair out.

AA Skincare Shampoo Bars – £5.94

My first AA Skincare order was amazingly great value for money and the quality of both the deodorant and shampoo bar was outstanding. All the products delivered, and exceeded, their initial promises and I can’t wait to try more from the brand!

both light.jpg

Have you tried any AA Skincare products yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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