There were so many great items to choose from when it was time to select my picks for this month’s Latest in Beauty box, and I was seriously impressed by the number of full-sized items up for grabs. Luckily, the three items i’d had my eye on were still available and I couldn’t wait to receive them and try them out…

Wet Brush

wet brush

I already own a wet brush and it is one of the best items I’ve ever used on my hair. As I have really thick hair, combs and detangling brushes rarely go through my tresses and if they do, they just seem to skim over any knotty areas. Thankfully, Wet Brush is the only one I’ve found that brushes through with ease and causes no damage to my hair, and with it’s traditional hair-brush style, it is comfortable and easy to hold. I’ve actually found myself reaching for it more than my usual hairbrush on dry hair too as it makes light work of troublesome hair and helps to smooth any flyaways. It is also great on sensitive scalps, hair extensions and wigs so it really is an all-rounder of the hairbrush world!

Daughter of the Soil – Baobab and Rooibos Body Lotion

body lotion

I’ve been wanting to try this brand for such a long time and couldn’t believe my luck when their full-sized body lotion featured on LIB. From the gorgeous packaging, to the beautiful scent, this natural brand really does feel luxe – and that’s all before i’d even used it! The rich body lotion is silky in texture and melts into the skin leaving it looking and feeling healthy, nourished and moisturised. The lotion is high in antioxidants and rich in zinc, so it is great to increase skin metabolism and help to reduce signs of ageing. Even though it has a more premium price tag, I am a true believer that you get what you pay for, and this is certainly worth spending a little more as a small amount of product goes a long way and the effects certainly last all day. I can’t wait to try more products from the range and this is definitely a brand to watch in 2018.

Oway Hair Mask

hair mask

Back to haircare now, and I am always on the look out for a good hair mask, especially during the winter months. This was the first time i’d heard of Oway, but i’m sure it won’t be my last. Oway were the first professional haircare brand to create ethical and organic plant-based products, which are free from common toxins and irritants, and have a range that meets all hair type requirements.  This moisturising mask, designed for very dry/dehydrated/thick/frizzy hair, promises to give you hair which is softer and less likely to develop split ends. I absolutely loved the look and feel of my hair after use, as it was glossy and sleek without any heaviness often associated with products of this nature. My hair was generally more manageable and felt a lot healthier as it eradiated dry ends and flyaways. The only downside is that I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent, which had a clove-like fragrance to it, which I really dislike. I have to say though, for hair that feels this good, I’m sure I can make an exception. What I love most about the brand is their passion for the environment as well as haircare, as to maintain their ethical standards they limit the amount of plastic in their packaging, opting for more eco-friendly metal and glass alternatives. I am excited to see more from Oway and can’t wait to explore their product range further.

All with gold

As you can probably tell, I’ve absolutely loved this month’s box as my picks have been amazingly good value for just £9! For me, all the products have delivered on their promises and I’ve discovered some amazing new brands to try too which for me is an added bonus.

Have you tried any of the products or brands? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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