I’d been wanting to try Pinks Boutique products for a while as their extensive range of professional spa-quality products, which are all 100% natural and certified organic, really excited me at first sight. Their products feel incredibly luxurious and premium, without compromising on the ethics of natural beauty, and are cruelty free, sustainable and eco-friendly.

I decided to try their Foot Balm, as well as a range of small, sample-sized skincare products to get a good idea of what I thought about the products and the brand itself. All my items arrived quickly and came beautifully packaged with tiny rosebuds which made me want to try the products even more…


Pinks Boutique – Foot Balm


As I tend to neglect my feet during the winter months, this sounded like the perfect product to put a spring back in my step. The balm, which contains shea butter, peppermint and geranium, is designed to soften the skin, protect against cracked heels and nourish the nails and cuticles – it even helps to reduce swelling in the ankles! A small amount of balm goes a long way and the smell is heavenly. It absorbs well and doesn’t leave feet with the typical sticky, greasy residue of foot creams as the balm is silky smooth on the skin. This has kept my feet lovely and soft and I still have a good amount left. I had high expectations for this foot cream, and i’m happy to say that it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Foot Balm – £21.50 – 50g

Pinks Boutique – Ocha Cleanser

20180125_143220My skin has been very dehydrated this winter so I couldn’t wait to try the Ocha cleanser, designed for normal/dehydrated skin. The creamy cleanser has a silky texture which can be used in two ways, as both a face wash or  cream cleanser (Oh, how I love a multi-use product!). It has a lovely fresh scent and contains ocha, lavender and geranium to give an anti-oxidant boost, protect against free radicals and soothe the skin – all while removing make-up and impurities from the skin. My face felt very fresh after use and didn’t feel dry or tight at all. I would definitely repurchase this as I love the versatility of the product as well as the overall performance of the cleanser itself.

Ocha Cleanser – £19.50 – 50ml/(Samples £3.50/5ml)

Pinks Boutique – Rosehip Face and Body Scrub

20180125_143319I do love a good facial exfoliator and body scrub – yet this was the first time trying one which was suitable for both the face and body. As this is designed for very sensitive skins, the texture isn’t as gritty as I’d usually like from a scrub yet to my surprise, it certainly did a good job at buffing away dead skin cells and polishing the skin. The balm-like base makes skin feel nourished and smooth, and didn’t dry my skin out at all. I have to say that I loved it on my face more than my body, but loved the way it made my dry and flaky skin look and feel after use.

Rosehip Face and Body Scrub – £33.50 – 60g/(Samples £3.50/5ml)

Pinks Boutique – Night Balm

20180125_143259I do love an overnight treatment for my dry skin, especially this time of year when my face feels like it needs some TLC. The Night Balm, which contains shea butter, rosehip, carrot, candula and evening primrose oil,  promises to help regenerate skin cells overnight. The balm itself is rich in texture, yet melts onto the finger tips with ease before application. The formula is a little greasy, which I like from an overnight treatment, and a little products goes a very long way. In the morning my skin felt very soft and smooth and looked plump and healthy. What I like most is that you can use this on any dry patches on your body, and it really delivers when it comes to results.

Night Balm – £35.00 – 50g/Samples £4.00/5g


I have to say that my first experience of Pinks Boutique has been very enjoyable, as the products have been fantastic. I love how you can buy samples to try the range before purchasing, especially as some of the products are slightly more expensive. Pinks Boutique have a strong passion for skincare and offer a unique range of products which are so luxurious and effective, that it actually makes you forget you are using something natural and not high end – and that in itself is a very special thing.

Have you tried any products from Pink Boutique yet? Head over to their website to find out more.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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