This month’s Latest in Beauty box was possibly one of the hardest picks of the year so far as there were so many amazing natural beauty products available to try out!

All with card

I opted for a fruity theme, as it has to be my all time favourite skincare scent, and the great selection of products available gave me plenty of opportunity to try both new brands, and some old favourites…

Weleda Pomegranate Body Lotion 


I am already a huge fan of Weleda, as their Skin Food is one of my skincare essentials and featured among my favourite products in 2017. This pomegranate body lotion not only smells amazing, but is also high in antioxidants to fight free radicals and has anti-aging properties. The lotion itself is quite thick in texture yet it’s incredibly light on the skin and absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft and highly moisturised. What I love most is that it maintains the subtle yet recognisable pomegranate fragrance for several hours after application, and keeps skin nourished all day. I can’t wait to try more products from Weleda’s Pomegranate range, especially their hand cream and body wash, which sound fantastic.

Friendlÿ Soap – Orange and Grapefruit

Friendly Soap

I do love a citrus-scented soap and I have to say that since trying this, Friendlÿ Soap might just be my new favourite! The strong scent is uplifting and really awakens the senses, leaving skin smelling fresh and zesty for a while after use. My skin felt squeaky clean, yet not dry or tight at all, and was actually lovely and soft. The soap itself also has a very slight rough texture to it that acts as a delicate exfoliator, which made my skin  really smooth after my bath. Due to the brand’s ethical ethos, amazing quality products and affordable prices, this will definitely be repurchased in the not-so-distant future.

Ooharr – Juicy Burst Nourishing Cream Mask


My final product was this nourishing cream face mask from Ooharr – a brand which was completely new to me! The sachet is a really good size, and even after applying a thick layer to me face, I still had some left. The scent is so zesty that it actually smells good enough to eat and it applied nicely to the face, holding to the skin so I was able to multi-task while it worked its magic. As the mask doesn’t dry out, it left my face feeling so moisturised and actually made my skin look noticeably brighter and less dull. The effects were fantastic, and lasted for several days after use, and the amazing news is that it’s only £1.20! I will definitely be buying this again, and can’t wait to try more from Ooharr very soon.

All Good

I have to say that I was so impressed by the performance of these products and love to discover new brands in my Latest in Beauty box (as well as rediscovering some firm favourites). If you want to find out more about Latest in Beauty, and their subscription service, then head over to their website to see what they’re all about.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x



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