Alexa Sky Botanicals: ‘The One Balm’ Original English Lavender

After trying Alexa Sky Botanicals for the first time last month, I was blown away by both the quality and performance of their Cactus Fruit Eye Serum; so much so that I couldn’t wait to try more products, and decided that The One Balm was next on my list…

The One

The One Balm is designed to be exactly that, the one and only balm you need in your beauty routine. Designed for all skin types in mind, this silky smooth balm is full of skin loving ingredients including shea butter, kiwi seed oil, hemp oil and honey to cleanse, moisturise, fight free-radicals and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s uses are endless, from cleansing and moisturising, to taming brows and the ends of dry hair – it has been created with every skincare eventuality in mind. The One Balm also has a wealth of other properties, thanks to being supercharged with Rose Quartz; a crystal used to help with blood circulation, calm red complexions and boost self-esteem.


The balm has the most beautiful scent, with calming lavender, feminine geranium and zesty bergamot giving an uplifting and luxurious feel to this rich yet smooth balm. I recently took this balm away with me to see exactly how versatile it really is and was shocked at how many times I reached for this during my stay. As a cleansing balm, it certainly does exactly what it is designed to do as my skin felt clean, fresh and incredibly soft. All traces of my make-up and SPF had melted away, and I didn’t experience any dry patches, tightness or irritation after use. As a moisturising balm, it certainly performed well and left my skin feeling nourished without leaving any greasy residue. My elbows and heels have felt the moisturising benefits the most, as they are smooth, supple and look incredibly hydrated.  I’ve even used it on my chapped lips and dry cuticles overnight and saw a vast improvement by the next morning. I then decided to try The One Balm on some areas of redness and irritation on my arms from heatwave-induced eczema. Not only was my skin calmer and soothed after application,  but the balm practically stopped my eczema from itching almost instantly.

The One 2

I have been blown away yet again at this gorgeous product and can’t believe how versatile The One Balm is. I am a huge fan of both balms and multi-use products, so this is certainly a winner for me. I can’t see myself without a jar of this at hand, as not only is it an everyday essential but is also perfect for when you’re travelling light, or for popping in your handbag for those on-the-go moisturising moments. Don’t let the 50g jar fool you when it comes to size, as you only need the smallest amount of product for maximum results, so this jar of joy will certainly last you quite a while.


What I love most about the Alexa Sky Botanicals products I’ve tried so far is that they’ve performed exactly as they should and have made a huge difference to my beauty routine. All the products harness the power of nature’s best ingredients to give both your skin and senses a luxurious experience. I love how much passion and love has gone into the individual formulations and that the brand really take pride in creating products that are innovative, beneficial for all and are true to the very ingredients that make each product so special.

Have you tried any  Alexa Sky Botanicals products yet? Check out the full range over on their website or you can find some of their bestsellers are over at Rare Beauty.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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