Pinks Boutique are among my favourite brand discoveries this year thanks to their incredible organic spa products which give you the ultimate pampering experience in the comfort of your very own home.

As part of my Christmas Gift Guide this year, I featured Pinks Boutique’s Hand Balm and Cuticle Oil, which is part of their Christmas Gift with Purchase campaign. As everything in my Gift Guide was tried and tested, i’ve been using the duo for quite some time and have been blown away by the results.

Hand balm and cuticle oil.jpg


Pinks Boutique: Hand Balm

Hand balm jar

I have to say that I struggle to find hand creams that I love enough to keep using but Pinks Boutique hand balm is still going strong. The lovely balm, which is silky smooth and lightweight, feels intensely moisturising on the skin. Formulated with sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and shea butter among others, it is no surprise that the balm is so beneficial for dry skin. You only need the smallest amount of product to leave your hands and nails looking gloriously nourished and feeling soft and hydrated. The scent, which is rich with neroli and sweet orange is fresh, yet has that luxurious fragrance you’d certainly expect to find in a spa-like surrounding.  My hands are less dry and I haven’t experienced any chapped skin through the changeable weather we’ve been having recently. I love how I can apply my hand balm and continue my daily tasks without having to wait for a product to absorb and a few times a week, i’ll apply a little more at bedtime and wear gloves for a more intensive treatment overnight.  I’m pleasantly surprised by how little product i’ve used so far, as I still have half a jar left making it amazing value for money.  This has been one of the best hand products i’ve used in a long time and will certainly make the perfect skincare essential for that special someone this Christmas.

Pinks Boutique Hand Balm: £21.50 (Now available as a Gift With Purchase)

Pinks Boutique: Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil

I do love a good oil however I rarely use a specific oil for my nails and cuticles – that was until recently. Pinks Boutique Cuticle Oil is described as ‘virtually a facial grade serum’ as the quality so high, therefore you can be confident in the fact that you’re using a product that is going to be effective in its performance. Not only is the cuticle oil designed to soften and repair the cuticles, but it is also formulated to aid peeling, brittle nails that are dry and in desperate need of some TLC. By keeping natural nails hydrated, you’ll instantly encourage nail growth too, so there really is no excuse to have stronger and healthier nails of a longer length. The scent is beautiful, with frankincense and fennel which is not only a treat for the senses but also aids the healing of cuts, hangnails and any damaged skin around your cuticles. If you fancy upgrading your pedicure routine, you can also use the oil on your toes to maintain the condition of the skin around your nails. The Pinks Boutique Cuticle Oil really is the ultimate treat for your hands, and provides you salon  perfect results at home.

Pinks Boutique Cuticle Oil: £15.50 – £30.50 (or 10ml Cuticle Oil FREE when purchased with the hand balm)

This time of year plays havoc with our skin and it’s our hands that always seem to get neglected. By using this lovely duo from Pinks Boutique, and experiencing great results in a short space of time, you’ll no longer have chapped hands in need of some love. The two products work in harmony to give you the hands you’ve always dreamed of and I can see myself using both these products for the foreseeable future.


Have you seen my previous Pinks Boutique reviews? You can find them here alongside my Christmas Gift Guide. Don’t forget to check out all the Gift With Purchase options over on the Pinks Boutique website where you’ll also receive two luxe samples in your order.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x



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