This month’s delivery of the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box was full of surprises, especially as there was an impressive 8 items featured, all designed to aid a good night’s sleep.


The Sweet Dreams themed box arrived in a lovely white lidded box and had a mix of trial-sized and full-sized goodies from a range of natural brands. There were already some favourites amongst the products in November’s box as well as some new-to-me brands that I couldn’t wait to try out. Here’s my first impressions of this month’s box:



I am already a huge fan of Spacemasks as they are the perfect product when you need to take time out to relax. The self-heating eye mask, which is lightly fragranced with jasmine, calms and releases tension from the forehead and eye area and is incredibly comfortable to wear. You can see my full review here, but I have to say that I am never without a Spacemask in the house as they are ideal when you’ve had a long day, been looking at a computer screen too long or just feel a little stressed out. If you haven’t tried this iconic mask then make sure you do so before 2018 is out (you certainly won’t regret it!).

Spacemasks: £3.00 -£15.00

Bespoke Aroma: Lavender Pillow Mist


Bespoke Aroma’s Lavender Pillow Mist is a lovely product to ensure you are calm and able to drift into a deep sleep – and is incredibly affordable too. This blend of organic lavender water and essential oil makes for a punchy, yet not overpowering mist that instantly brings tranquillity into your bedtime. I have even sprayed a little mist on my dog’s bed when he was anxious attending the vets this week and he was certainly calmer on arrival. It is such a lovely product, so much so that it features in my Christmas Gift Guide, which you can find here.

Bespoke Aroma Lavender Pillow Mist: £4.25

Weleda: Lavender Creamy Body Wash


I’ve tried a few Weleda products yet this was my first experience with both their body wash and the lavender range. This creamy body wash has an almost milky texture from the tube yet becomes a rich and creamy lather on application. The body wash has a lovely light lavender scent which has an underlying sweetness to it that was unexpected but certainly welcomed. My skin felt clean and incredibly soft after use and I didn’t experience any dryness at all. A little body wash goes a long way, as I got several applications from this small tube making it incredibly value for money. I can’t wait to try out more body washes from their range, especially these handy sized tubes which are perfect if you’re travelling.

Weleda Lavender Creamy Body Wash: £3.00 – £7.95

Weleda: Lavender Body Oil


It was lovely to use another product from Weleda’s Lavender range and the body oil certainly exceeded my initial expectations. The body oil has a slightly stronger scent than the body wash yet it is still pleasant and a treat for the senses. The oil itself is rich but actually feels more like a dry oil, as it absorbed incredibly well into the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth with a non-greasy sheen which makes skin look radiant.  The body oil, alongside the creamy body wash, makes for the perfect duo to ensure that skin feels amazing. I’m certainly looking forward to finishing off this oil and trying more from the Weleda range.

Weleda Lavender Body Oil: £3.00 – £16.95

Butter Bar Soapery: Cornflower and Frankiscence Bath Soak


Butter Bar Soapery have been among my favourite brand discoveries of 2018 so I was thrilled to see another of their products feature in this month’s box. The Cornflower and Frankincense Bath Soak looks beautiful in the jar with an intense aroma which smells so luxurious and uplifting. The bath soak itself is a combination of Epsom salts, dead sea salts, goats milk powder, cornflower petals, bergamot oil, frankincense oil and lavender oil to detox, cleanse, soften, moisturise and relieve stress and anxiety. A small amount of powder certainly upgraded my bath time routine, as the once punchy fragrance from the pot gave a subtle aroma which calmed and relaxed the mind and body. The soak made my skin feel nourished and so smooth. A little powder went a long way and I can’t wait to put this to the test further. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review coming soon.

Butter Bar Soapery Cornflower and Frankincense Bath Soak: £8.00 -£17.00

Celtic Herbal: Sleep Balm


In moments of stress, there is nothing better than using a balm or oil on your pulse points and so far, Celtic Herbal’s Sleep Balm certainly hasn’t disappointed. The balm has a lovely light texture which isn’t too greasy or thick and actually absorbs into the skin well. The mandarin and ylang ylang blend is a lovely fresh scent which is uplifting yet soothing at the same time. I will certainly be keeping this at hand for any stressful situations, and as a little goes a long way, this makes it amazingly good value for money.

Celtic Herbal Sleep Balm: £5.50

Yellow Gorse: Pillow Sleep


I was quite excited to try this as not only was it my first experience trying a Yellow Gorse product but it was the first time i’d ever used a product of this nature. The blend of hops, chamomile and lavender alongside lovely essential oils of bergamot, frankincense and clary sage makes the scent is an unusual one, as it’s herby and floral yet earthy and slightly citrusy at the same time. It comes in a little cloth bag, and is designed to be slipped in your pillow case to encourage a good night’s sleep. I have only used it for two nights so far, but I have to say that I slept well on both occasions so will have to update you after a month to let you know the outcome. I certainly can’t wait to try out more Yellow Gorse products very soon as the brand came highly recommended and their ethos is certainly one to be admired.

Yellow Gorse Sleep Sachet: £3.80

Joanna Naturals: So Calm Facial Oil


If there is one skincare item I would struggle to live without it has to be face oils as I will never tire of trying out new oils and brands. Thankfully, this month’s box featured Joanna Naturals So Calm facial oil which is specifically formulated to balance and calm irritated skin and will benefit those with dry, mature or rosacea prone skin. The beautiful ingredients, including rosehip oil, evening primrose, chamomile and lavender, aims to improve both the texture and appearance of the skin while treating you to an array of aromas to calm and relax your mind. The oil is rich yet absorbs beautifully into the skin and after a few days of use twice daily, i’ve been impressed by the results. My skin is soft, calm and i’ve experienced no irritation at all. First impressions have been great so far, so watch out for a full review coming soon.

Joanne Naturals So Calm Facial Oil: £16.00 – £38.00


This month’s box has been a true delight and the theme has been perfect for this time of year. I have discovered some lovely products from a few brands i’ve used previously and I’m even more impressed that i’ve found some amazing product discoveries from new-to-me brands. If you are someone who is looking for products to enhance your relaxation and relieve stress and tension, these will certainly be products for you. They have also made my skin feel pretty amazing and I can’t wait to try these out some more.

Are you a Skin Organics Subscriber? Check out my Christmas Gift Guide to discover what they have to offer.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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