I’m sure i’m not alone when I say that my skin is not a fan of the winter weather, especially with the addition of central heating and stress of the festive period which certainly takes it’s toll. I recently decided my beauty routine needed a little update and Inner Senses‘ Rose Precious Facial Oil sounded like the perfect Winter skincare saviour.


Rose Precious is a concentrated blend of Rose essences and a plethora of skin loving ingredients formulated with tired, dry, damaged, irritated and aging skin in mind. Rich in omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and antioxidants, Rose Precious is deeply penetrating and goes beyond a simple skin moisturiser as it actively works to repair even the most damaged skin. Like all Inner Senses products, it is organic, cruelty-free, vegan, handmade and 100% natural.

The scent of the oil is as nature intended, with a heady, sweet, floral aroma which is intense yet perfectly balanced. The beautifully rich oil feels surprisingly lightweight on the skin, with the key organic oils of Rosehip, hemp, black seed, avocado and evening primrose absorbing beautifully and nourishing the skin from deep within.


After first use, my skin felt instantly moisturised, an effect which lasted throughout the day and into the evening. I’ve been using Rose Precious for several weeks now and not only did my dry skin feel incredibly hydrated and softer to the touch, but also looks brighter and less inflamed. I love the dewy appearance it gives to my skin after application and it would certainly be a product to take you from season to season without being too heavy for the summer months. The improvement in my skin over such a short space of time has been incredible, and I can’t wait to see how it performs after long term use – so don’t forget to check back soon for an updated review.

Rose Precious Face Oil – 5ml (Trial Size): £8.00

Rose Precious Face Oil – 30ml (Full Size): £34.00

You can also find out more about Inner Senses by checking out my introductory post here.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge by Inner Senses as a brand ambassador. This has not influenced my thoughts and opinions in this review as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested with honest feedback on each product. As a brand ambassador, my personal discount is on a sliding scale depending on how many times my discount code above is used. This does not affect my reviews as my feedback is always honest and completely unbiased. The products I review from Inner Senses will always be tried and tested and my opinions will be my own.

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