2018 was certainly a great year for discovering new skincare brands as the incredible products that have graced my door via beauty boxes, gifts and purchases has certainly made this top ten of 2018 very difficult.

As choosing only ten products from last year was a near impossible decision, I decided to select ten brands that have made an impact on my beauty routine. I have tried a minimum of three products from each brand over 2018, and i’m sure I will continue to try more from their product ranges this year.


Alexa Sky Botanicals

When I first discovered Alexa Sky Botanicals back in May last year, I knew the brand was special. Each product i’ve used, from their Cactus Fruit Eye Serum to the Moroccan Rose Clay Mask,  has delivered on its promises and had me excited to try more. The decision to include them in my Top Ten was incredibly easy and i’m sure they will continue to be among my favourite brands throughout 2019 thanks to their amazing customer care, attention to detail and innovative products.

You can find all my Alexa Sky Botanicals reviews here.




Butter Bar Soapery

I first discovered Butter Bar Soapery in my very first Skin Organics Box and not only was the packaging gorgeous, the product inside was a joy to use. Since then, I have tried a variety of products from the brand (a few of which haven’t been reviewed yet, so watch this space!), and I have been continually astonished by their performance and affordability. With more launches planned for 2019, I’m excited to see what delightful creations they have in store.

You can see all my Butter Bar Soapery reviews here.



Clockface Beauty

It was back in October when I discovered Clockface Beauty and I was immediately impressed by the product performance and ethos of the Yorkshire-based brand.  After using the products over a number of weeks, I was wowed by the quality and performance of the innovative and luxury products from a brand I truly trust. Their range of products, formulated for both men and women, made their inclusion in my Top Ten an easy decision. I may have only recently discovered the brand but i’m sure it won’t be the last time you see their product feature on Beauty Folio.

You can find my reviews of Clockface Beauty products here.



Eden Days Body

Eden Days Body was another brand I discovered in my first Skin Organics Box (it was a great box!), and thanks to the high quality products which are incredibly affordable and presented in completely zero-waste packaging, it is no surprise they are among my favourites on 2018. Their skincare is so good they currently have waiting lists for their best selling products to ensure that you get the freshest possible product delivered to your door. I can’t wait to try more from Eden Days in 2019 as they never fail to delight me with their skincare wonders.

You can find my reviews on Eden Days Body products here.



Ezàpè Naturals

Ezàpè Naturals may only have two items in their skincare range but they have certainly left an impression with me throughout 2018. Their Rosemary Body Butter and Chamomile Balm are glorious, and the determination to reduce their plastic packaging is one to be admired. My Mum, who has suffered with irritation on her face has struggled to find a product that soothed and eradicated the redness, but thankfully this all changed after using Ezape Naturals’ Chamomile Balm. The products are so gentle yet effective that they are the perfect addition to your skincare routine. With an updated packaging design coming soon, and new products launching in the near-future, they are definitely a brand to watch throughout 2019.

You can see my reviews of Ezàpè Naturals here.



Inner Senses

I not only discovered inner Senses in 2018 but became an ambassador for the brand too. Their dedication to apothecary traditions, wellbeing and the power of aromatherapy is admirable, and the quality of their skincare collections is perfection. I’ve been trying several products from the range recently, including a new item due to be released in a few weeks time, and am continually blown away not only the performance of the products but the very experience of using them too. You’ll be seeing some new reviews very soon, but I’m incredibly excited to continue working alongside Inner Senses throughout 2019.

You can see my Inner Senses reviews here.

You can also get 15% off Inner Senses purchases by using the code EMMA15.


Magical Tree

Magical Tree was a brand on my wishlist for some time and when I finally tried them last year, I fell in love with the beautiful products and eco-friendly practices they uphold in creating their skincare. From body products to facial serums, they have continually impressed me with the intensely nourishing products that certainly deliver on their promises. I also love how there is a fragrance range and product type for all skin types and scent preferences, showing how the range has been created with everyone in mind. I can’t wait to see what exciting things the brand has to offer in 2019.

You can find my previous Magical Tree reviews here.



Mallow and White

I first discovered Mallow and White in The Natural Beauty Box and immediately fell in love with the brand’s guarantee that only a maximum of six ingredients will be used in their formulations. The clean ethos and quality of the natural ingredients is realised in the products themselves which are a joy to use. With four collections in their product range, there really is something for everyone and I can honestly say that I haven’t met a Mallow and White product I didn’t enjoy using. If you don’t already, I highly recommend following the brand on Instagram as Joanna, the founder of Mallow and White, has the most fantastic Instastories.

You can read my previous Mallow and White Reviews here.


Myroo Skincare

I have really enjoyed Myroo Skincare products throughout 2018 as their products have continually wowed me, from the modern packaging to the beautiful products inside, they never fail to disappoint. I love how the brand offer all of their skincare products in both a fragranced and fragrance-free version, as they cater for even the most allergy-prone and sensitive skin types. Their products are highly effective and affordable, and are perfect for any age. I can’t wait to continue working my way through the full-sized products in 2019 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

You can catch-up on my previous Myroo Skincare reviews here.


Orchard View Naturals

Orchard View Naturals have been another brand I have been continually impressed by last year, as the aromatherapy-based products are truly stunning in both their appearance and the very experience you gain through using them.  From their Golden EDT, body polishes and oils, they are dedicated to providing the highest quality products that go beyond a simple skincare range. If you’re looking for clean beauty products which an element of luxury, then OV Naturals is the brand for you.

You can read my reviews of OV Naturals products here.


As well as these amazing skincare brands I first discovered last year, there were also a few skincare ranges that I had found prior to 2018 that continued to impress me throughout the year. The brands are so good, I thought they needed a special mention as they still feature heavily within my beauty routine and will continue to do so throughout the coming year.


Guiltless Skin

Guiltless Skin is a brand I will never stop raving about as this was the brand that truly ignited my passion for natural skincare back in 2017. Their ever-growing product range never fails to provide amazing results and the brand ethos is one to be commended. I couldn’t imagine a beauty routine without Guiltless Skin products within it and cannot wait to see the brand grow throughout 2019.

You can find my Guiltless Skin Reviews here.



Bloomtown products never fail to impress with their beautiful formulas and amazing results. Their whole product range comes in an array of signature fragrances so you’re sure to find the products that harness the scent of nature that you truly love. All their products are palm-oil free and the founders of the brand are dedicated to wildlife preservation as well creating clean, eco-friendly beauty products.  They are always a brand I look to when purchase a gift, as their range of wrapped gift sets makes gift buying so simple as they not only look beautiful, but I know the recipient will love their award-winning products.

You can find my previous Bloomtown review here.


Pinks Boutique

Even though I didn’t review Pinks Boutique products until last year, I started using them at the end of 2017 and have loved them ever since. Pinks Boutique create spa products that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The products themselves are beautiful and never fail to impress, but what I love most is the dedication of the brand to educate. If you follow the brand on social media, and sign-up to their newsletters, you’ll notice that there is a constant flow of information to help keep your skincare routine clean and effective for your skin type. The information you receive alongside the products they create is exceptional, and you know that is it coming from a trust worthy source that is honest and dedicated to great skin.

You can find my Pinks Boutique reviews here.


Cloud Cloth

My skincare routine wouldn’t be complete without a Cloud Cloth as these dual-sided cloths make cleansing and masking a dream. Since I first tried them back in 2017, they have seen several changes and improvements which has lead to the perfect facecloth they are today. Dedicated to being the most eco-friendly product they can be, these are my go-to cleansing cloths that I wouldn’t be without.

You can see my review of the final Cloud Cloth upgrade here.

You can get 10% off by using the code BEAUTYFOLIO at the checkout.



I hope this guide has helped you discover some amazing skincare brands to explore in 2019. There was obviously so many more I could have included as I personally feel that 2018 was the year for great skin.

Let me know your favourite brand discoveries of last year in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x



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