March’s Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box was full of beauty delights and with a box value of around £90.00, it was certainly exception value for money.


The Awaken theme of the box was perfect for this time of year as i’m always looking for great products to help with the seasonal change and awaken the skin and the senses as the warmer weather approaches. The box had a great variety of products, from hair care to skincare, bath products and body care, there was really something for everyone. My first impressions of the products in the box so far have been amazing and I would go as far to say that the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box gets better and better each month…

Skin Alchemists: The Humble Warrior


I was so excited to see a full-sized Skin Alchemists product in this month’s box as i’m already a huge fan of their Facial Elixir. As a dry skinned girl, I don’t just use cleansing oils to remove make-up, but find them an integral part of my cleansing routine – even on bare skin. The Humble Warrior is so much more than a cleansing oil, it is part of a pampering experience and beauty ritual which I haven’t experienced with any other cleansing product before. The scent is heady and decadent, cleansing your senses and mind before you even begin your skincare routine. I’ve found a few drops of the oil itself goes a long way, spreading across the skin with ease yet not leaving any greasy or oily residue on the skin. On make-up, it melts even the most stubborn waterproof mascara away without any dragging of the skin or rubbing of the eyes – and without the need to repeat. My skin was clean, fresh and free from all traces of dirt and traces of make-up and The Humble Warrior had certainly protected my skin from dryness, leaving behind soft and smooth skin in its wake. This cleansing oil is certainly among the best i’ve tried and I can’t wait to continue using it over the next few weeks to see how it performs on a long term basis. With a £50.00 price tag, it is a premium product, yet on the basis of how little product i’ve used so far, and the amazing results i’ve experienced in such a short time, I think it’s worth every penny.

Skin Alchemists The Humble Warrior: £18.00/30ml – £50.00/100ml (full size)

Bespoke Aroma: Uplifting Bath Tea


I am already a huge fan of Bespoke Aroma Bath Tea Infusions, and after trying a few varieties, the Uplifting range is certainly my favourite. Since the last time I used the Bath Tea Infusions (you can find my previous reviews here), the product has received a revamp, with a beautifully, simple and modern design which aligns itself perfectly with the Bespoke Aroma ethos and natural goodness inside each ‘tea bag’. What I love most about these products is that they are multi-use, making them amazingly good value for money. Not only do they make great bath time treats, you can also use them on the body (as you would a flannel or sponge), and then once dry, they make great drawer scent bags. You can take them away with you, as there’s no fear of leakage, and they also make lovely token gifts for a true pampering treat for someone special.

Bespoke Aroma Uplifting Bath Tea: £4.95

Unearthd.Co: The Mane Attraction Organic Hair Serum


My previous experience with Unearthd.Co products has been exceptional, so I was excited to try their hair serum which has been on my wish list for a while. The Mane Attraction is much more than just a hair serum, as not only does it contain heat protection to keep tresses looking their best but it can also be used on both wet and dry hair – ultimately giving you two hair products for the price of one. The oil itself is relatively light, so it doesn’t weigh hair down too much and it is easy to dispense just the right amount of product thanks to the handy pump dispenser. I’ve used this on two occasions now, and have to say that for me, I prefer to use this on dry hair to smooth and tame flyaways as opposed to a pre-style treatment on wet hair. As someone with long, thick hair, I personally feel that using it on wet hair so far has increased my drying time a little compared to other heat protection products i’ve used in the past. However, this might be something i’d use on wet hair during the summer months when I allow my hair to air dry a littlle longer before using heat styling products. On dry hair however, I have to say that i’m loving the results. My hair is shiny and sleek, feels nourished on the ends and still has a lot of movement despite using an oil. I can’t wait to test this out further to see exactly what it can do for my hair, so look out for a full review coming soon.

Unearthd Co. The Mane Attraction: £23.99/50ml

Kushboo Soaps: Verbena and Turmeric


I was excited to see a new-to-me soap brand land in March’s box as I’ve been loving natural soaps recently thanks to the reduction in plastic waste and effect on the skin. Kushboo Soaps’ Verbena and Turmeric soap certainly didn’t disappoint as not only did it smell incredible, it also performed incredibly well. This lovely sized square bar is strong in sweet, refreshing, citrusy verbena that is uplifting and perfect for this time of year. The lightly foaming bar not only gently cleanses but also exfoliates too, leaving behind skin which is soft, supply and glowing.  Thanks to the addition of Turmeric and Verbena, this soap contains antioxidants to protect the skin from free-radical damage and has been proven to slow signs of aging. I’ve used this on several occasions and have been loving the experience of using a such a simple product that gives spectacular results. I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase this bar again, as well as try other soaps from their extensive range, as i’ve been delighted with Kushboo Soaps experience so far.

Kushboo Soaps Verbena and Turmeric: £6.50

The Base Body Co.: Coffee and Peppermint Body Scrub


I’m always on the look out for good body scrubs as they are skin saviours for dry skin types like mine, yet I have a love/hate relationship with coffee scrubs. I love coffee scrubs for the skin boosting properties, but the coffee-based scrubs i’ve used in the past are often messy and leave my skin feeling a little greasy. Thankfully, this is where The Base Body Co. are different, as thankfully their multi-use scrub isn’t too finely milled to make a mess and doesn’t leave behind any oiliness at all. The added bonus is the fact that it is multipurpose, as it can be used on the face as well as the body. Even though I haven’t used it on my face as yet, it does boast properties that help to remove whiteheads, blackheads and dead skin cells – while also hydrating the skin. I’ve found as a body scrub, my skin was gloriously soft and nourished, and it didn’t irritate my skin in any way. The peppermint scent is refreshing yet isn’t too overpowering, making it the perfect scrub when used in the morning to really awaken the mind and body. If I was looking to purchase a coffee scrub in the future, then The Base Body Co. would definitely be my first stop.

The Base Body Co. Coffee and Peppermint Body Scrub: £15.99/200g


This month’s box has certainly be one of my favourites, as the variety of products shows how truly amazing this beauty box is. I have discovered some amazing brands this month which means my wish list has just got a little longer! This is what a beauty box is all about and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box, or the brands featured in March’s box, to anyone.

You can find all my previous Skin Organics reviews here, or check out their website for more information.

Have you tried any of these products in the past? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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