Freyaluna never fail to impress me with their high quality, natural products that are handmade in small batches right here in the UK.

So when it came to my Christmas gift guide last year, I knew the brand had to feature – and their Herbal Soaps seemed like the perfect zero waste gift. Since then, i’ve been testing them out and have finally gotten around to reviewing each one.


Freyaluna pride themselves on creating their range of soaps using traditional methods, with a hands on approach from blending to wrapping each bar. There is a soap scent for everyone, with beautifully nourishing ingredients to pamper while also gently cleansing the skin too.


I decided on a mix of scents including Almond and Lavender, Marigold and Bergamot, Heather and Honey and Gardener’s Soap. I loved how the soaps were very different to my usual citrus-fragranced soaps and were unique compared to many other soap brands i’ve used in the past.

Almond and Lavender


There are many skin benefits in both almond and lavender, so I was excited to see how this soap performed. Almonds are naturally rich in antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to help prevent premature aging, reduce inflammation and calm redness. The addition of ground almond in the soap itself also provides natural cleansing and exfoliating properties to keep skin clean, fresh and silky smooth. Lavender also provides a wealth of properties including soothing the skin and the soul, promoting healthy skin cells, balancing and aiding eczema, psoriasis and acne-prone skin. I loved how the scent of the soap was very delicate, with a gentle aroma of lavender which was calming yet not overpowering at all. The soap lathered well and the shea butter base really left skin feeling moisturised, yet not oily at all. The exfoliating quality was a welcomed addition, especially as it wasn’t too abrasive to irritate. I felt like out of all the soaps, this one in particular was great to use when shaving legs as the lather held well and banished dry, flaky skin to reveal beautifully smooth legs. The soap certainly lived up to expectations and is definitely on my repurchase list.

Freyaluna: Almond & Lavender Soap – £5.00/60g or £8.00/120g
Heather & Honey


Despite using a lot of honey-based beauty products within my skincare routine over the years, heather was certainly a new one for me. As heather is regarded as the plant of protection, it is no surprise that Freyaluna’s Heather and Honey soap is formulated to offer the best protection for dry and chapped skin. The British heather, wildflower honey, shea butter and coconut oil soap is not only nourishing but thanks to the honey, actually attracts moisture and helps to retains it. The addition of essentials oils including Ylang Ylang and Patchouli makes this soap have a subtle yet uplifting aroma that is a true treat for the senses as well as the skin. The Heather and Honey Herbal Soap has a lovely texture, with a light exfoliating effect that leaves skin feeling fresh, soft and incredibly smooth, while also creating a nice lather that doesn’t dry skin out. The one negative was that the soap didn’t last quite as long as the other bars in the set as it broke up into smaller pieces when I was nearing the end. Having said this, as the bars are already amazing value for money, this wouldn’t deter me from repurchasing.

Freyaluna: Heather & Honey Soap – £5.00/60g or £8.00/120g
Marigold & Bergamot


The Marigold & Bergamot soap was the one I was most looking forward to trying as not only was I back in the familiar territory of citrus scented soap, but calendula is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. The soap is a soothing yet uplifting blend of marigold and Bergamot, with a nourishing butter base to give the soap an all-rounder quality. The antiseptic and healing quality of calendula makes it perfect for those prone to acne, eczema and psoriosis, and bergamot has been proven to help to alleviate anxiety. What I love most is the zesty fragrance which is stronger than all the other soaps i’ve tried, and is the perfect soap to help wake you up in your morning shower! The soap lathers beautifully and leaves skin feeling soft and clean without any tightness or dry patches. I felt that this would be my perfect everyday soap, especially as the soap has a creamy texture and lacks the exfoliation quality of the others. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a refreshing soap to awaken the senses, while also wanting something which is gentle on the skin.

Freyaluna: Marisgold & Bergamot – £5.00/60g
Gardender’s Soap


The final soap in the set was the Gardener’s Soap and in all honesty, it was the one I was least excited to try. However, after just one use, it surprisingly has to be my favourite soap in the whole set. Gardener’s Soap is very different to anything i’ve used before as the soap contains oatmeal, poppy seeds and herbs to remove dry skin, moisturise and create a protective film against dull, dry and flaky skin. I found that the exfoliating poppy seeds were gentle yet effective, creating a soap/body scrub hybrid that cut down on both my product use and shower time. The rich lather soothed my dry, itching skin and the addition of rosemary certainly gave the soap a subtle yet energising aroma. I can certainly see why this would be perfect for Gardener’s, as it helped removed some paint from my skin without having to scrub the skin (so it should eradicate soil deposits just as well!). I like the fact this this is more of a unisex soap and would be make the perfect gift for anyone who spends lot of time outdoors or has hobbies that makes for mucky hands. The soap also lasted an incredibly long time, as the poppy seeds and oat formulation seemed to hold the soap together for the long haul. I can’t recommend enough and will definitely be repurchasing in the not-so-distant future.

Freyaluna: Gardener’s Soap – £8.00/120g

I have to say that the Freyaluna’s Herbal Soap Gift Box has been a true treasure trove of cleansing delights. The way in which the beautiful soaps are handmade, wrapped in beautiful patterned papers and then gift boxed makes them a great zero-waste alternative that anyone would be thrilled to receive. I personally loved each bar, as even though they are all so unique, they all deliver on gently cleansing the skin while maintaining their moisturising properties.

Freyaluna: Herbal Soap Giftbox – £20.00


Have you tried any Freyaluna products yet? You can see my other reviews here if you’d liek to know more. If you ‘d like to try these gorgeous soaps for yourself then you’re in luck as they are currently on a 4 for 3 offer. Simply add 4 soaps to your basket and use the code ‘KEEP-IT-CLEAN’ for £5.00 off.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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