When it comes to purchasing skincare, my nemesis is the essential yet problematic SPF. Although sunscreen is a facial skincare necessity, when it comes to my dry skin type i’m often left with a chalky and irritated complexion. Thankfully, my recent discovery may have solved my SPF woes and my quest for the perfect facial SPF might be over…


As a fan of Alteya Organics, I recently decided to try out their Rose Otto Face Sunscreen, a broad spectrum SPF 25 with a sheer tint. With a plethora of skin loving ingredients such as Rosa Damascena Oil, Acai extract, Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip and shea butter, it promises to provide hydration, fight signs of aging and boost radiance; all while protecting the skin from harmful rays. Now I usually like a stronger SPF than 25 on my face however, during the daytime when i’m indoors more than outside, it makes for the perfect sunscreen to fit into my everyday skincare routine.


The sunscreen itself has a rich texture which feels lightweight on the skin, and surprisingly,  has good slippage when applying without any drag or greasy residue like other SPF’s i’ve used in the past. The scent is heavenly, with a light and fresh scent of Rose Otto that is perfectly balanced and not too heavy. On first impressions, the pink hue was concerning yet the sheer tint certainly lived up to my high expectations. The tint gives the most beautiful radiant glow on the skin without even the hint of a pink undertone in sight, and is perfect if you’re looking for a more dewy complexion.


I found that the feel of Alteya Organics’ Rose Otto Face Sunscreen on my skin was the best experience i’d had from a facial sunscreen as my face didn’t feel dry, cakey or even the slightest bit greasy.  I did notice that using this as a facial moisturiser didn’t quite give me enough moisturisation to last throughout the day, so I utilised this with my usual moisturiser and oil based serum underneath which gives me perfect application and performance from dawn until dusk (with the only need for additional top-up’s during the day if i’m going outside more than usual). It sits well under make-up as it didn’t alter the performance of my foundation and actually gave a lovely glow much like a radiance primer.

I’ve been using this over several weeks now and have been impressed by its performance. I haven’t found that it causes any irritation, breakouts or dryness and even in the warmer weather it didn’t oxidise or slip off the skin. For someone with a normal skin type it would certainly give you enough moisturisation to be used alone or with a light moisturiser underneath. For a more oily skin type, you might need to wear a powder over if you prefer a more matte appearance as it does give a glow to the skin that may look shiny in the sunshine. If you have a drier skin type like mine, I feel you would definitely appreciate the radiance boost this gives to the skin but would recommend layering your usual skincare products underneath to ensure that your SPF stays in place all day without drying out (just remember to let them absorb before applying to the skin).

This has certainly been the best sunscreen experience I’ve had and would highly recommend Alteya Organics Rose Otto Face Sunscreen to anyone who struggles finding the one – as this will definitely be in my everyday skincare routine for the long haul.

Alteya Organics: Rose Otto Face Sunscreen – £25.00/50ml (From Lovelula)


Have you tried Alteya Organics Rose Otto Face Sunscreen yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x




One thought on “Alteya Organics: Rose Otto Face Sunscreen (Review)

  1. Hi Emma,
    Great post and product review, I’m always on the search for new natural or organic SPF products and haven’t come across this one before. I also like a much higher SPF but will definitely look into this for days I’m not going out much.


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