Lime & Lilac was founded from a personal frustration to find skincare suitable for temperamental and problematic skin. Lisa, the founder and formulator of Lime & Lilac, has a true passion and dedication for great skin as her capsule collection of just three products contains high quality cold-pressed oils and essential oils, made to order in micro-batches, to ensure the freshest products are delivered to your door.


The capsule collection contains a light facial oil, body oil and cleansing oil which all harness the power of the natural world to bring a wealth of benefits to both the skin and the senses. Each product contains essential fatty acids to promote cell renewal and collagen production, and have a beautiful signature fragrance across the whole range. The brand’s packaging is sleek and modern, with a monochrome design that not only reflects the no-nonsense approach to skincare but also that the products themselves are unisex and formulated with every age and skin type in mind.


I purchased their best-selling Passionflower Cleansing Oil a few months ago and have been loving the dual-phase formulation which offers an oil-to-milk consistency that deeply cleanses the skin without drying it out. The vegan-friendly Passionflower Cleansing Oil is formulated with skin loving oils such as passionflower, cucumber, sweet almond and prickly pear to glide across the skin with ease, eradicating all traces of SPF, make-up, dirt and impurities in its wake – leaving behind clean and fresh skin that isn’t irritated or stripped.

The texture is unlike any natural cleansing product i’ve used before as the oil, when shaken, adopts a gel-like texture and then evolves into a milk as it emulsifies with water making it great to massage into the skin yet easy to remove after use.

One drop of water in the gel-like oil begins to emulsify on contact.

I must say that i’ve been reaching for this more and more within my cleansing routine as I love the emulsifying quality which has the nourishing and deep cleansing properties of an oil or balm cleanser yet has an almost face wash-like removal. My face is left feeling incredibly clean and fresh without any dryness or tightening of the skin. It removes make-up on first use, even tackling stubborn waterproof mascara with no stinging of the eyes.

The beautifully fresh yet luxurious citrus aroma is perfectly balanced, with green mandarin and neroli working together in harmony to create a truly uplifting experience which adds to the refreshing nature of the cleansing oil itself.


Lime & Lilac’s  Passionflower Cleansing Oil has been a pleasure to use from the stylish packaging and glorious aroma to the texture and overall product performance. The brand may only have a small product range yet the amazing results i’ve experienced show that less is certainly more and as a brand, they are certainly one to watch in 2020.

Lime & Lilac: Passionflower Cleansing Oil – £22.00/50ml

Have you tried Lime & Lilac products yet? Let me know your recommendations in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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