The Natural Beauty Pot have been one of my favourite brand discoveries of the year, with each product i’ve tried exceeding my expectations and providing amazing results with every use.

The Natural Beauty Pot was born from a desire to find skincare suitable for sensitive skin and harness the true power of the natural world around us. Not only this, but Shauna, the founder of The Natural Beauty Pot, wanted her range of skincare to look attractive and eco-friendly, swapping plastic jars and bottles for a frosted glass that gives the brand a modern and chic appearance that also makes you want to re-purpose the beautiful packaging.


Each product in The Natural Beauty Pot range is formulated with high quality natural ingredients and handmade in small batches to ensure freshness. As well as a lovely skincare range for sensitive skin, Shauna also added a selection of mineral make-up products to her range which is not only perfect for those with sensitive skin types but also paler complexions as she wanted to ensure that those with paler, Celtic skin tones like her own could find make-up products in just the right shade. What I love most is that not only do The Natural Beauty Pot sell their own products online and in their store in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland but they also support other amazing independent natural beauty brands such as Beauty Kubes and Butter Bar Soapery.


When creating my Natural Skincare Christmas Gift Guide this year, I knew the brand would be a perfect addition so decided to include their gorgeous Miniature Bath Salts Trio Gift Set* that is available all year round. The set contains mini versions of their three best-selling bath salts and are beautifully packaged in a branded kraft box. Not only is the set perfect for any age or occasion but it is also a great way to explore the brand further without committing to a full-sized purchase – and they would make great travel companions too.

Each of the brand’s beautiful bath salts are formulated with Epsom salts, which has a high magnesium content to help soothe aching muscles, relieve tension, cleanse and treat skin concerns such as acne and eczema. As well as Epsom salts, each bath salt variety boasts essential oils and botanicals to enhance the bathing experience and ensure that your skin, as well as your senses, are well and truly pampered. The Epsom salts utilised in each of The Natural Beauty Pot’s Bath Salts is finely milled which means that they dissolve brilliantly under warm water ensuring that you won’t find any grittiness at the bottom of your tub.


Lavender Bath Salts

We all know the relaxing benefits lavender has on our bodies when utilised in our daily routines but did you know that it is also incredibly calming on the skin as well? Lavender is great addition in your skincare routine for healing the skin and calming redness and irritation thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory properties.


I love the addition of the lavender flowers in these bath salts as I feel there is just enough to make your bath feel like a nice experience but isn’t too many to feel like your bathing in flowers. These Lavender bath salts truly capture the lovely heady floral aroma of lavender without overpowering, leaving you feeling truly relaxed and tranquil. My skin was left feeling soft after use and all tension from my body had been eradicated. I must say that these are some of the best lavender bath salts i’ve used and made a lovely addition to my evening bath time routine.

The Natural Beauty Pot: Lavender Bath Salts – £10.00/90g or £16.00/175g

Calendula & Lemongrass Bath Salts

When I first saw The Natural Beauty Pot’s Bath Salts, I knew their Calendula & Lemongrass version sounded perfect for me as not only is lemongrass one of my favourite scents but I also love the skin-calming benefits calendula has to offer.


The beautiful lemongrass aroma is refreshing and uplifting, while the addition of calendula leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and soothed. I used this when I had some patches of eczema on my legs and they certainly felt less irritated after a few soaks in the Calendula and Lemongrass Bath Salts. I personally love this blend in a morning bath or when I need a little bit on an energy boost as the lemongrass scent is just what I need to awaken the senses. This is already on my wish list and will certainly be part of my bath time treats in the New Year.

The Natural Beauty Pot: Calendula and Lemongrass Bath Salts – £10.00/90g or £16.00/175g

Rose Bath Salts

Rose is such a beautiful ingredient within skincare and these gorgeous Rose Bath Salts are certainly no exception.


The Rose Bath Salts bring back memories of summertime, with a stunning sweet, floral scent of roses that remind me of spending time in the garden basking in the sunshine…and the salts themselves truly capture that natural, rose aroma. These particular salts also contain jojoba oil to create a nourishing treat for the skin, especially during this cooler weather. My skin felt soft and nourished after use and my skin didn’t need instantly moisturising when I got out of the tub. The dried rose petals are a nice feature, and although the others also contained dried botanicals, for me rose petals are always that decadent bath time addition that makes your bathing experience a truly pampering moment in your skin cleansing routine.

The Natural Beauty Pot: Rose Bath Salts – £10.00/90g or £16.00/175g

The Natural Beauty Pot have demonstrated yet again that their beautiful products deliver on their promise of high quality, sensitive skin-loving ingredients which harness the power of nature. Each bath salt brings a calming quality that is the perfect bath time treat to unwind, ease muscles and sooth the skin. The attention to detail with the gift set as a whole demonstrates the passion and dedication the brand have for everything they do from the gorgeous packaging to the formulations inside every tiny bottle – making them the perfect gift for that special someone.

The Natural Beauty Pot: Miniature Bath Salt Trio Gift Set – £16.00


Have you tried any products from The Natural Beauty Pot yet? You can save 15% off all orders using the code: BEAUTYFOLIO (until 31st December 2019)

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

The Natural Beauty Pot

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge by The Natural Beauty Pot. This has not influenced my thoughts and opinions in this review as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested with honest feedback on each product. I will never give a positive review on a product I don’t believe in just because it has been #gifted, and each product i’ve received free of charge will be labelled as such.




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