The Ilex Wood are one of my favourite skincare brands as their salves are true skincare saviours that I am never without.

I knew when planning my Natural Skincare Christmas Gift Guide that The Ilex Wood had to feature, and this beautiful gift set was a great addition. The Rose & Frankincense Gift Setet is available all year round yet makes the perfect Christmas gift as the nourishing oil-based serum and face cream is ideal for this time of year, especially when our skin dries out a little more thanks to the central heating and cooler weather. The set comes in a lovely cream, card box with branded label sealing the items inside. The Facial Serum and Face Cream come nestled in pink tissue paper which not only looks pretty and protects the skincare inside but also eradicates plastic from their packaging.

Both the face cream and facial serum can be purchased separately however for me, these two products work together in harmony, with matching aromas that improves your skincare routine for the better.


Facial Serum

There’s nothing I love more than finding an oil-based facial serum that is deeply moisturising yet lightweight and soothing on skin, and this is exactly what The Ilex Wood achieves with their facial serum. The gorgeous serum contains only 8 ingredients including sweet almond oil, jojoba, coconut oil, vitamin E and the all important essential oil blend of rose, frankincense, lavender and geranium. The oil is lovely and light and absorbs beautifully on the skin without leaving behind any greasy residue. The aroma is intense yet perfectly balanced with the initial sweet floral scent of rose slowly dissipating after several minutes and revealing a delicate, woody fragrance of the frankincense when fully absorbed.


On my very dry skin type, I found this worked perfectly before applying my face cream as I love to layer my products. If you have a more normal skin type, you could certainly use this as a facial oil on it’s own or save it for your bedtime routine. I have been incredibly impressed by the quality and the longevity of this facial serum as despite using it in both my AM and PM skincare routine over a number of weeks, I still have some serum left. The serum itself is designed to combat signs of aging and I believe over a longer period of time, this nourishing facial serum would certainly keep dry skin at bay and ultimately, with the essential oil blend, help to minimise those fine lines appearing. The affordability and overall performance has exceeded my expectations and this will certainly be on my repurchase list when it runs out.

The Ilex Wood: Rose and Frankicense Facial Serum – £12.95/20ml when sold separately.

Face Cream

Face creams are such an essential part of my skincare routine so I am always pleased to find something new that works for my skin. The Ilex Wood’s Face Cream combines the same beautiful ingredients as the facial serum, with Shea Butter and Raspberry Seed Oil replacing Sweet Almond Oil. The shea butter base gives this face cream a lovely rich, creamy texture that is highly concentrated, with a little going a very long way. The aroma, although still sweet and floral, has an additional earthy, slightly nutty scent from the shea butter that makes it a pleasure to use.


The face cream is formulated with normal to dry skin types in mind, but would also work well on mature skin types too thanks to its anti-aging properties that help to reduce the appearance of fine line, wrinkles and even age spots. The creamy butter melts on the skin, leaving behind a slight sheen which absorbs after a few minutes. As a winter product, this has integrated into my skincare routine with ease, acting as both my AM and PM moisturiser which has left my skin feeling soft, smooth and flake free.  I feel like this might be slightly too rich for the Summer months during the daytime, however would be the perfect night cream to leave your skin looking moisturised and free from dryness when you wake. It is such a beautiful face cream that i’ve been loving recently, especially as The Ilex Wood have made it plastic free.

The Ilex Wood: Rose & Frankincense Face Cream – £16.95/60ml


This rose and frankincense duo has certainly added to my existing love of the brand as the performance, quality and affordability of the products themselves have gone beyond my expectations. The minimal ingredients lists showcase that less is certainly more, allowing each component to shine through in order to provide a lovely aromatic skincare experience that will certainly change up your Winter skincare routine for the better.

The Ilex Wood: Rose & Frankincense Gift Set – £24.95

The Ilex Wood also offer free UK delivery on all orders and if you spend over £30.00, you get 10% off automatically – no code required!

Have you tried The Ilex Wood yet? You can find my previous reviews here.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x



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