I’ve been a huge fan of Narloa since they first launched back in 2017 and since then, the brand have certainly blossomed with the addition of several face and body products that demonstrates the true passion Narloa have for natural skincare.

Their body oil range is possibly my favourite part of their range as the oils themselves are affordable yet high quality and incredibly effective. Narloa have been offering a unique customised body oil service for a while now, with the option to create your own blend with one carrier oil, followed by two essential oils, which comes in a bottle with bespoke label. Recently, Narloa also added the beautiful Rose Garden and Marigold Body Oils to their range, two oils that contain dried botanicals within the recyclable plastic bottles which are incredibly pleasing to the eye.


It is these reasons that made me want to feature Narloa’s Body Oils within my Natural Skincare Christmas Gift Guide this year as they really do make the perfect gifts. Body Oils are a great body care essential all year around yet are particularly great for this time of year when our skin needs a little extra nourishment.


Rose Garden

Rose Garden, one of Narloa’s newly launched body oils, is formulated with normal and combination skin types in mind thanks to fractionated coconut, apricot kernal oil and argan oil which provides deep moisturisation in an incredibly lightweight, fast absorbing formulation. A stunning essential oil blend of ylang ylang, rosemary, lavender and rose certainly makes this a pleasure to use, with a the intense yet perfectly balanced aroma of rose slowly dissipating to reveal the delicate aromas of the other essential oils.


I personally have a dry skin type so was worried that this wouldn’t be as nourishing as my existing body oil however I really didn’t need to worry. The light oil has a beautiful texture that absorbs quickly yet leaves skin feeling deeply moisturised. I personally found that my dry skin loved the formulation and I was surprised at how a little oil went a long way.

Rose Garden for me is a great all-rounder, with a texture and aroma that made it a pleasure to use. It certainly exceeded my initial expectations and I can easily see me taking it from my Winter to Spring/Summer beauty routine without any issue as it really is so lightweight.

Narloa: Rose Garden – £13.50

Marigold Body Oil

I was incredibly excited to try the new Marigold Oil as my skin loves the calming and healing properties of calendula.  Much like Rose Garden, Marigold also has a minimal ingredient list comprising of sunflower oil, safflower oil, jojoba, calendula extract and ylang ylang essential oil to intensely moisturise the driest of skin types. The oil itself is quite rich yet it applies to the skin beautifully, with a fast-absorbing formulation that doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy or oily. The scent is slightly earthy and woody, with the predominant aroma of the calendula flowers and extract, yet the ylang ylang begins to shine through once applied to the skin.


I have to say that Narloa’s Marigold Body Oil certainly lived up to my expectations as it softened, nourished and calmed my skin. It made my eczema patches on my legs feel much better after using for a few days and stopped the healing skin from feeling dry and itchy. The oil, with it’s lovely golden hue, is a must-have if you suffer from dry or irritated skin and I am excited to see how my skin reacts to using Marigold Body Oil on a long term basis.

Narloa: Marigold Body Oil – £13.50

Customised Body Oil

I personally love this concept that Narloa have on their website as it is an incredibly easy way to design your own bespoke product without any hassle – and allows you to have fun with your base oils and essential oil blend. I personally opted for a Rice Bran base oil, as Rice Bran is particularly useful on very dry skin type, and it’s an oil i’ve only experienced within a handful of products.


I personally love an essential oil based product as not only do they provide you with a complete sensory experience but they also have some amazing benefits on the skin too. I opted for Rosemary and Lavender, two essential oils I know blend together so well. Rosemary and Lavender are both incredibly calming on the skin and the senses, and are a fragrance combination I absolutely love within skincare. Narloa have certainly achieved a good balance, as I could identify both lavender and rosemary without any difficultly and they are perfectly balanced with neither scent overpowering.

What I loved most about my Customised Body Oil is that the Rice Bran oil is rich yet doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It worked perfectly on my very dry skin type and left my skin feeling soft, smooth and deeply moisturised all day. The oil itself is very concentrated, much more than the previous two oils above, as Rice Bran has so many nourishing properties. If you’re looking to have a little fun with you body care routine, and want a hassle-free way of creating a bespoke product, then this is certainly a service you’ll want to try for yourself.

Narloa: Customized Body Oil – £15.00

Narloa have yet again impressed with with their body oils which not only perform incredibly well but would also make a great gift for someone special. I love how the brand’s products always deliver great results yet don’t break the bank with their price tags. They are certainly a brand to try if you haven’t already as I’m sure you would be disappointed by the range or quality of the products themselves that harness the power of nature to deliver great results after every use.

Have you tried Narloa products yet? Take a look at my previous reviews here.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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