If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I am incredibly fond of Nudge Boutique and their range of ageless products that are a true celebration of natural ingredients that deliver every time.

At the end of last year, I decided to try their Saffron Glow Cleansing Mask, one of the products from their range that utilises the petals of Norfolk Saffron, a bi-product of saffron stigmas that are usually composted after harvesting (more information about the process can be found here).


Saffron Glow Cleansing Clay Mask is formulated with dry skin in mind, blending the beautiful Norfolk Saffron petals with skin loving ingredients such as British Kaolin Clay and Organic Tapioca Starch to cleanse and refresh the skin while also leaving it feeling soft, supple and never dry.


The mask itself is in powdered form, therefore allowing you to activate at home to ensure freshness. As you activate the mask with a few drops of water, you’ll notice the white powder turn a beautiful, subtle shade of blue – a process which activates the power of the Saffron petals and releases their naturally blue compounds. The aroma from the activated mask is incredibly fresh with a very light, subtle floral scent which has a hint of citrus freshness from the sweet orange and frangipani absolute essential oils that also feature within the mask. The scent makes a change from the earthy clay masks I usually incorporate in my routine and the freshness made my masking experience very enjoyable.


Despite the mask having to dry out to reap all the benefits (a very alien concept to leave a clay mask to dry), the mask has a non-drying formulation that ensures that skin will retain its own natural moisture and not experience any feelings of dryness or tightening at all. The mask dried in around 5- 10 minutes, and the tell-tale sign to know when to remove is that the blue mask turns white. I expected the mask to be difficult to remove but as soon as the damp face cloth touched the mask, it re-hydrated and one light wipe removed every trace – i’ve never experienced anything quite like it.


My skin certainly felt much softer after use, instantly smoother and much fresher in it’s appearance. My face certainly didn’t have any patches of dryness and I experienced no tightness or irritation at all. I found that my skincare absorbed much easier into my face after use and my skin looked positively glowing for several days. I’ve used this on a few occasions now and the great results just keep on coming, delivering the same great results even when my skin wasn’t quite at its best.


To say i’ve been impressed with Nudge Boutique’s Saffron Glow Cleansing Mask is an understatement as it has delivered on its promises and is a great way to use an ingredient that would otherwise be composted. If you have a drier, more sensitive skin type and often avoid clay masks then I highly recommend you try Nudge Boutique’s Saffron Glow Cleansing Mask – it is one of my favourites.

Nudge Boutique: Saffron Glow Cleansing Mask – £8.00/12g (and includes a FREE Purple Cotton Cleansing Pad)

Plastic Free Packaging

The New Saffron Glow Cleansing Clay Mask Packaging that is completely plastic free (Photo Credit: Nudge Boutique)

The best news is that the mask now comes in completely plastic-free packaging, housed in a black aluminium tin which demonstrates the brand’s determination to reduce plastic, making their products incredibly ethical and eco-friendly as well as being natural, cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Photo Credit: Nudge Boutique

The packaging change is not only limited to the Saffron Glow Cleansing Mask as their Kokum Body Butter is also having a face lift, with the same aluminum packaging as the Cleansing Mask. As the brand move away from Miron Glass (which features a plastic lid), and opts for more ethical aluminium, you’ll also notice that the price of the products themselves will also be lowered – a mission the brand have to pass packaging savings onto their customers. This sets the brand aside from many others as it demonstrates their dedication to their customers and not just their profit margin. This is also reinforced with the percentage of profits each month that gets donated to charity, just another way in which Nudge is giving back.

Photo Credit: Nudge Boutique

To celebrate the new packaging changes, there are some great subscriber offers featured in the Nudge Boutique newsletter. To ensure you never miss a new launch, packaging change, promotion or blog post from the brand, simply sign up over on their website.

Photo: Credit: Nudge Boutique

Have you tried Nudge Boutique products yet? If you’d like to find out more about the brand and their products you can find all my previous reviews here. They’ll be more Nudge Boutique reviews coming very soon so if you’d like to be notified when they are uploaded, be sure to following me on social media channels or via email.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x




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