When it comes to face masks, Amaranthine are one of my favourite brands as not only do they cater for a wide array of skin issues in their face mask range but their  masks also never fail to deliver amazing results with each use.

I have been lucky enough to try all of Amaranthine’s face masks now and even though I have loved each one, I have recently fallen in love with the latest member of the Amaranthine family in the form of their Rejuvenating Face Mask. The mask is the only product in Amaranthine’s range that contains no essential oils therefore it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. As with all Amaranthine Masks, the Rejuvenating Face Mask comes in three sizes including a single use pouch, full-size jar and an eco-friendly refill pack. The brand have recently celebrated their cruelty free certification through Peta’s Beauty without Bunnies program, so the mask, like each product in the range, is certified cruelty-free, vegan friendly and 100% palm-oil free.


Amaranthine’s Rejuvenating Face Mask contains Kaolin clay, corn starch, rose petals and hibiscus to create the most beautiful gentle mask which is formulated to refresh and rejuvenate the complexion, lightly cleanse and exfoliate the skin and leave your face feeling soft, smooth and positively glowing. The scent of the mask is absolutely stunning with the naturally sweet, floral aroma of the rose and hibiscus botanicals treating the senses to a fragrance that is exactly as nature intended.

The mask itself doesn’t take long to form into a luxurious mixture, taking only a little water to form the perfect consistency. The pink hue is vibrant, taking on the recognisable colour from hibiscus, and the mask holds well on the skin without drying out too quickly. As with other Amaranthine masks, I tend to let them dry out rather than spritz them down as I personally feel my skin doesn’t dry out or feel tight despite allowing the clay mask to dry fully. On contact with a little water, the mask removes from the skin with ease leaving your face feeling incredibly soft, and surprisingly nourished, immediately after removal. Even though my skin suffers from irritation at this time of year thanks to the central heating and windy weather, it felt much calmer and soothed after use. I didn’t have any dry patches or redness on the skin, even when used on areas prone to eczema breakouts, and my skin certainly lost it’s dull, lack-lustre appearance.


After utilising Amaranthine’s Rejuvenating Face Mask in my routine for several weeks i’ve been incredibly impressed by the results. Each time I mask, my skin seems to reap the benefits more and more, leaving my skin smoother and softer to the touch and calmer, yet brighter, in its appearance. I have also found that the slightly enlarged pores across my nose are less noticeable than before and that my skin just seems generally happier for several days after use. What I’ve been enjoying most about my masking experience is the scent which is fresh and light and more importantly, still shines through even when the mask is mixed with different floral waters. With each use, I am continually surprised at how little water I actually need to create the perfect consistency, as well as the amazingly good value for money Amaranthine products truly are.

Have you tried Amaranthine Masks yet? You can find my previous reviews here, or if you’d like to discover more about the beautiful Rejuvenating mask, check out the link below.

Amaranthine: Rejuvenating Face Mask – £3.50/6.5g, £13.95/60g Refill or £15.95/60g Jar


Do you love seeing Amaranthine reviews? They’ll be a full review of the brand’s gorgeous Soothing Mask coming very soon but if you can’t wait, you can see my first impressions of the mask here.


Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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