Last month’s Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box could not have come at a better time with a theme of ‘meditate’, the box contained some beautiful products that brought a element of calm during these unprecedented times.


I loved how the box had a mix of products from beauty essentials to items guaranteed to promote a sense of wellbeing. I have been enjoying the box contents so much over the past month that I almost forgot to review my experience – a true sign that the products inside have integrated seamlessly within my beauty routine. What I loved most is the way in which March’s box introduced me to some new-to-me brands, something which the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box excels at with each delivery.


Skin Alchemists: Sweet Dreams Massage Candle

I am already  huge fan of Skin Alchemists and their Sweet Dreams massage candle is one of my favourite products to help relax and pamper the skin.


The addition in last month’s box was such a great size to keep for your travels for on-the-go pampering (something to look forward to when all this is over!), but you can find my review of their gorgeous full-sized Sweet Dreams Intensive Skin Treatment Candle here.

Skin Alchemists: Sweet Dreams Lovebite Mini – £15.00/30g

HelpMeOrganics: ‘Help Me Have a Mindful of Calm’ Room Spray

I am a huge fan of using essential oils to unwind so I was excited to see this 100% organic room spray feature in last month’s box. The stunning blend of lavender, geranium bourbon and frankincense fills the room with a subtle floral scent which is perfectly balanced and not overwhelming.


Just a 2-3 spritzes of room spray provides a lovely aroma to breathe in and calm the mind, making it the perfect treat to use before bed, or to simply to have a few moment of mindfulness during times of stress. After using this room spray, I have to say that i’m incredibly excited to explore the HelpMeOrganics range further in the not-so-distant future.

HelpMeOrganics: Thought Calming Room Spray – £9.00/40ml

Blue Labelle: Argan & Sea Buckthorn Facial Oil

Blue Labelle had been on my wishlist for so long so I was incredibly excited to finally try one of their products. The Argan & Sea Buckthorn facial oil is designed to protect and rejuvenate the skin with its antioxidant-rich formulation that is perfect for all skin types, but particularly great for drier or aging skin.


I am in love with the glorious aroma that has a lovely lavender scent with a citrus freshness lingering in the background, making this a treat for the senses as well as the skin. The texture is rich yet not heavy, with a few drops absorbing into the skin beautifully to leave behind intensely nourished skin in its wake with absolutely no greasy residue. I fell in love with this oil from first use, as not only was it a joy to use thanks to its great texture and scent but my skin certainly reaped the benefits of the highly moisturising formulation. My skin instantly felt softer and less flaky after use, and over time, was smoother and looked less lack-lustre in its appearance. Blue Labelle’s Argan & Seabuckthorn Face Oil is high on my repurchase list as I cannot wait to see how it performs over a longer period of time. My positive experience has certainly made Blue Labelle a brand to explore further so i’m sure you’ll see more reviews coming very soon.

Blue Labelle: Argan & Sea Buckthorn Face Oil – £7.50/10ml

Refresh Tea & Soap Co: zzz-Zone Out Bath Bar

Since switching to solid soap bars last year in a bid to make my bath time routine as plastic-free as possible, I am always on the look out for amazing soap brands who create nourishing bars that not only cleanse the skin beautifully but also leave it feeling intensely nourished. Thankfully, after using the brand’s ‘zzz-Zone Out Bath Bar’, I found just that, with a moisturising bar that created a beautiful lather that didn’t dry the skin.


The scent was heavenly, with a floral lavender aroma that had a warm, woody undertone of cedarwood to relax the mind and calm the skin. After use my skin was left feeling soft and fresh without any tightness or dryness. I really enjoyed the intense creamy lather the bar produced, even though I feel this reduced the longevity of the bar itself, but the results certainly made up for this and I will definitely be trying out more from the brand over the next few months.

Refresh Tea & Soap Co: zzz-Zone Out Bath Bar – £12.00/125g

Om Shanti Alchemy: Fire Mediation Oil

If you’ve been following me for a while you might have noticed that I have been loving Om Shanti Alchemy products this year so you can imagine how delighted I was to receive their Fire Mediation Oil in last month’s box. The oil itself comes with an exclusive meditation that makes this the perfect treat to help unwind and relax – something which has been particularly useful during these strange times.


The oil itself is a signature scent of neroli, mandarin and sandalwood essential oils which is beautifully balanced and remains on the skin for a while, allowing you to inhale it’s aroma for several hours after use. When used in conjunction with the mediation, it is incredibly effective at relaxing your mind and body, igniting your internal fire and making you feel focused and at peace with your inner self. Fire Meditation Oil, much like the other Om Shanti Alchemy products, have exceeded my initial expectations by promoting a sense of wellbeing and mindfulness while showcasing the true passion the brand have for natural beauty. If you’d like to explore the brand further, you can see all my previous reviews here.

Om Shanti Alchemy: Fire Meditation Oil – £8.00/10ml


The ‘Meditate’ box was the perfect treat last month and really helped me relax and unwind. Each product left me feeling pampered whether it was by leaving my skin incredibly nourished or my mind clear – there was something for every stressful situation. I have recently started using mediation in my bedtime routine to improve my sleep pattern so not only was it nice to have products to aid this further, but also help me incorporate mediation into other times during the day. I have loved exploring some of my existing favourites, as well as some new-to-me brands, as this is what Skin Organics Clean Beauty Boxes do so well.

Have you subscribed yet? The bi-monthly subscription service that Skin Organics offer is a great way to experience a subscription box  without accumulating too many products in your beauty stash. You can check out all my previous reviews here to find out more.

Take Care (and stay safe!),

Emma @ Beauty Folio x




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