NK Naturals had been on my wishlist for a while and after reading Petra’s review over at Late to the Party, I couldn’t resist any longer…


NK Naturals are very different to any other brand i’ve used in the past as they specialise in formulating products in line with the lunar calendar. Much like the food industry, NK Naturals believe that skincare should utilise ingredients that are seasonal, and therefore at their best at particular times of the year. The Spring collection contained everything you’d need for a complete skincare routine from cleansing balm and facial mist, to moisturiser and facial oils, as well as a deep steam infusion for a weekly skincare treat. All the items are also handmade in very small micro batches between 8-12 products each time, so you know you are getting the freshest possible product with each order. I decided to purchase the cleansing balm, mist and facial oil from the collection, and Nicola kindly gifted the Deep Steam Salt Infusion which was such a lovely gesture and complemented my other purchases perfectly.


My parcel arrived beautifully packaged, with all of my skincare treats inside a large, cotton cosmetics bag with branding to the front. Ingredient lists and rituals were printed on rolled parchment paper, held together with a copper ring, and a large wooden spoon was added to my order. The ordering process, and the way my parcel arrived, made my purchases feel special and added to the whole skincare experience.

Spring Concentrated Cleansing Balm

The ingredients within the Spring Concentrated Cleansing Balm are especially selected for their cleansing, healing, calming and soothing properties that benefits the skin during seasonal changes that bring a change of temperature, light and environmental stresses.


Formulated with coconut oil, raw organic beeswax, oat kernal oil, alpine lavender, palmarosa and yarrow, the balm has a beautiful, fresh aroma and silky smooth texture that has great slip across the skin. When used as a cleansing balm, it eradicates all traces of SPF, make-up and daily impurities while also leaving skin soft and deeply nourished after use.


I’ve also been loving the balm as a skin salve too, as the soft texture and intensely nourishing ingredients leaves my skin looking and feeling softer and intensely moisturised after use. It has even left my patches of eczema flake-free and less irritated and seems to be aiding the healing process.

The Cleansing Balm within the Spring collection is stunning, with so many uses it is a must-have during the warmer weather and is a true treat for the skin and senses alike.

Spring Concentrated Cleansing Balm – £25.00/60ml 

Spring Copper Distilled Botanical Mist

I do love a facial mist within my skincare routine and NK Naturals Copper Distilled Botanical Mist has certainly been no exception.


The mist is copper distilled using traditional methods whereby potent flower and herb waters are able to retain their essential oils within the mist, meaning the whole botanical and flower goodness is retained.

The mist itself is a combination of skin loving ingredients such as rosemary hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, blue chamomile, palmarosa, vegetable glycerin and grapefruit seed to boost hydration and refresh and soothe even the most sensitive skin types.


This is a great mist to use after cleansing and throughout the day as it certainly smells as good as it sounds, with a floral and herb scent that is fresh and is the epitome of the season. It performs incredibly well within my current skincare routine, especially in conjunction with the rest of the Spring range, and is great to calm the mind too.

Spring Copper Distilled Botanical Mist – £15.00/50ml*

*After purchasing this particular product I noticed that it does contains Propylene Glycol which is an ingredient I usually avoid within my skincare products. This has not affected my review, as it was an oversight on my part, however for this particular reason I personally wouldn’t repurchase.

**Since my review Nicola has informed me that the reason Propylene Glycol has been used is to make Benzion within the mist water soluble. Since releasing her Spring Collection, she has decided to eradicate Benzion, and therefore Propylene Glycol, from her formulations. Therefore any future formulations from the brand will be PROPYLENE GLYCOL FREE!

Spring Nutrient Rich Facial Oil

Facial oils are an integral element within my skincare collection and personally, I feel no skincare routine is complete without one.

Spring Nutrient Rich Facial Oil is the perfect partner to NK Naturals Cleansing Balm thanks to similar ingredients including coconut oil, oat kernal oil, blue chamomile, alpine lavender, palmarosa and yarrow. The lightweight oil therefore has the same soothing properties of the brand’s cleansing balm to help eradicate irritation and soften the skin while also re-balancing and encouraging cell regeneration.


The oil comes in this handy 15ml roller-ball with a guide on getting the best from the applicator which promotes lymphatic drainage through facial massage. The facial oil sits beautifully on the skin, with a highly absorbent texture that is intensely nourishing and leaves skin positively glowing after use. As the formulation is so concentrated, a small amount goes a very long way so despite using for several weeks, it is lasting incredibly well so far. It has certainly kept my skin feeling deeply moisturised, calmed any redness in my cheeks and smoothed raised irritation within just a few days.

This is a fantastic oil for all skin types yet would be great for sensitive skin. The packaging makes this perfect for on-the-go application and the Springtime aroma would also be beneficial as a pulse-point oil for calming the senses and clearing the mind.

Spring Nutrient Rich Facial Oil – £15.00/15ml

Spring Deep Steam Salt Infusion (Gifted Item)

I couldn’t thank Nicola enough for including this within my order as it was a product that I was undecided on purchasing, and am glad that I finally got around to trying it.

NK Naturals Deep Steam Salt Infusion promotes Halotherapy, a process which has been used for hundreds of years to aid skin conditions, illnesses and meditation practices. When used within your skincare routine at least once a week, it can help to soften the skin, draw out bacteria and aid mediation breathing techniques to reduce stress.


Spring Deep Steam Salt Infusion contains Epsom Salts, along with air-dried lavender, pine and rosemary, to clear the mind, soothe the senses and surround you with the balance of the season. This ritual is particularly useful within your bedtime routine thanks to it’s calming quality, however I must say that I find it incredibly useful during the daytime to provide hayfever relief too.


After breathing in the Deep Steam Salt Infusion for 10-15 minutes, my skin feels refreshed and my head much clearer. I’ve found that it is more effective than hot water steaming as it has opened pores and cleared my stuffy nose without causing any breakouts or lasting redness in my skin.


It is a lovely treat for the skin around twice a week as it is good for the mind and the soul too. The light lavender and herby scent is perfectly balanced and not overpowering at all, and the Spring-like aroma made a nice change from the usual floral steams i’ve used in the past.

Spring Deep Steam Salt Infusion – £15.00/120ml

I must say that NK Naturals certainly haven’t disappointed with the beautiful product range that embraces the best mother natural has to offer. The seasonal aspect is such a unique concept that sets the brand aside from many on the green beauty market and each product i’ve tried has delivered on it’s promises.


The Spring Collection is available until 20th June when the Summer range will be released – so there is really no better time to try these out for yourself.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: NK Naturals Deep Steam Salt Infusion was sent to me free of charge. This has not influenced my thoughts and opinions in this review as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested with honest feedback on each product. I will never give a positive review on a product I don’t believe in just because it has been #gifted, and each product i’ve received free of charge will be labelled as such.

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