You may have noticed that I love a beauty box delivery and last month’s Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box was certainly no exception.


The box had a lovely Spring theme, with the tagline – ‘A lovely reminder of how truly beautiful change can be’ – which is fitting for our current situations as we begin to adapt to a different way of life. The box was full of affordable items that were the perfect companions to finish the final few weeks of Spring and prepare for the Summer months ahead. May’s box certainly contained a wide variety of products from skincare and hair care to natural deodorants and limited edition products. There were some new to me brands, which is always nice to discover, as well as some existing favourites.


NK Naturals: Spring Facial Oil

If you’ve been following me over the past few weeks you’ll have spotted this product in a recent review. The gorgeously lightweight yet intensely nourishing facial oil, which is a limited edition product, has been a delight to use during the warmer weather we’ve been experiencing recently (or should I say were experiencing!).


You can find my full review of the Spring Facial Oil, as well as some other products from the collection, in my previous post. 

Nk Naturals: Spring Facial Oil – £15.00/15ml

London Balms: Hawaii Kukui Hand/Body/Foot Balm

I am a huge fan of balms within my skincare routine so I was very excited to try London Balms’ Hawaii Kukui Balm for the very first time. London Balms’ Hawaii Kukui is a real multitasker, from moisturising dry patches and healing wounds and burns to improving the complexion and protecting and repairing the skin.


The balm has the most beautiful non-greasy, soft and smooth texture which makes it a joy to use and boasts a fresh, citrusy scent of sweet orange and neroli with a very subtle herby aroma lingering in the background. I’ve personally been loving this as a foot balm, as it has really softened my soles and kept my feet supple all day, and the non-greasy texture means that it absorbs easily as you can really buff it into the skin.


This is the first time using London Balms and I have been incredibly impressed by the performance of their affordable product. I will certainly be exploring their range further and will certainly be repurchasing Hawaii Kukui very soon.

London Balms: Hawaii Kukui Hand/Body/Foot Balm – £9.50/30ml or £16.50/60ml

PHB: Balance Face Wash

I’m already a huge fan of PHB products so I was excited to see their new Balance Face Wash that appeared in last month’s box. I personally have a dry skin type, and as this particular product is formulated with oily, blemished and acne-prone skin in mind, I didn’t think it was going to be one for me.


I must say that I was pleasantly surprised after first use, as my skin wasn’t tight or dry after use and I didn’t experience any breakouts or areas of sensitivity. I really enjoyed the scent, with a blend of lavender, geranium, rosemary and tea tree, that creates a lovely balancing aroma that is both calming and awakening on the skin and the senses. I probably wouldn’t use this on my skin everyday, purely because it’s not as suited to my skin type as other PHB products, but I feel that it will keep my skin balanced perhaps once or twice a week or before my weekly masking ritual. To find out more on how this can benefit more oily skin types, check out the link below.

PHB: Balance Face Wash – £17.00/100ml

Fit Pit: Woman Natural deodorant 

I am always on the lookout for great quality natural deodorants and have to say after first use, I knew i’d found a great one in Fit Pit.


The cream deodorant had a great texture that is soft and non-sticky, which makes application a breeze thanks to a small amount going an incredibly long way. Despite containing Bicarbonate of soda, this deodorant didn’t leave my underarms dry or irritated and in fact kept the skin soft and supple after use.


I used this when the weather was relatively warm and didn’t notice any sweaty odours (and neither did those around me!), and the rosemary and bergamot essential oil blend was perfectly balanced and not too overpowering. I will certainly be repurchasing this as I have to say that it’s among the best natural deodorants i’ve tried since switching a few years ago.

Fit Pit: Woman Natural Deodrant – £10.00/100ml

Akamuti: Murumuru Butter

Despite using products containing Murumuru Butter in the past, this was the first time using the Murumuru Butter as a single product. Akamuti’s Murumuru Butter is designed as a pre-wash hair treatment to retain moisture, restore a natural sheen and improve the softness and flexibility of your hair to make it more manageable.


As Murumuru Butter has a low melting point, I’ve found that it melts really easily in the palms of warm hands and turns to a glossy oil quite quickly, yet you could melt a spoon of butter in a bain-marie if you prefer. I applied this from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair, concentrating on the drier areas and avoiding my roots. I usually leave it around 10 minutes on damp hair, or a few hours on dry hair, before washing out and I have to say that it washes out incredibly easy and doesn’t leave hair feeling weighty or oily at all.


Now the one factor that does taking some getting used to is the natural nuttiness of the butter itself, which is an acquired aroma yet isn’t noticeable when your hair is clipped back while it works its magic (and it doesn’t stay on the hair after washing either). My hair was certainly softer and had less flyaway’s after use, and my hair still maintained it’s bounce and didn’t feel greasy at all.

Akamuti: Murumuru Butter – £5.00/50g


It is safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the selection of products in May’s Spring themed box as each one delivered on it’s promises. I love how each product was incredibly affordable and contained some beautiful ingredients that really epitomises everything natural beauty products should be.

To find out more about the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box, and see the contents of previous boxes, check out my previous reviews here. You can also head over to their website to subscribe to the bi-monthly plan here.

Have you tried any of the products and brands featured in this month’s box? Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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