If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box is possibly one of my favourite subscription boxes, with a bi-monthly box that contains some lovely natural and cruelty free treats with each edit.

I know I may say this with each box I receive yet July’s Summer Vibes box has truly been my favourite box to date, with four new to me brands that I couldn’t wait to explore. Yet what is more impressive, and quite frankly unheard of if you’re a beauty box fan, is that there was only one brand that had featured in the Skin Organics Beauty Box before, and that was back in 2018! I have personally never received a beauty box that has not duplicated brands in quick succession, so this really does show just how the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box stands out in the beauty box crowd.

This box of delights made me excited to try everything, with each item suiting the Summer Vibes theme perfectly, and integrating into my existing skincare routine with ease. 

Raven Botanicals: Skin Saviour Facial Oil

The Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box had been teasing the inclusion of this gorgeous face oil a little before the box landed on my doorstep, so out of all the items, this is the one I was initially excited to try. The Skin Saviour Facial Oil is formulated with all skin types in mind and includes some truly beautiful ingredients such as rosehip oil, frankincense, sea buckthorn oil, jojoba and avocado oil to name a few.

The oil is intensely nourishing on the skin yet has a lightweight texture that leaves your face feeling intensely moisturised yet not greasy at all. What I love most is the glorious scent which is rich in neroli yet is so perfectly balanced that the natural aromas of the oils comes through as you begin to pat it into the skin for an all-round experience that goes beyond a simple skincare product. To say i’ve been impressed by Raven Botanicals Skin Saviour Facial Oil is an understatement as it has really left my dry skin looking radiant and feeling soft and smooth to the touch. It layers well with my other skincare products and has been a real joy to use. I cannot wait to explore their range further in the not so distant future and it is safe to say that I will certainly be repurchasing this one in full-size very soon.

Raven Botanicals: Skin Saviour Face Oil – £24.00/30 (Mini Size also Available) Get 25% off the full-sized Skin Saviour Face Oil with the code BF25 until the end of September.

Roze Mountain: Cleanse My Skin – Anti Pollution Cleanser

I love discovering new oil cleansers that are effective and great on the skin and Roze Mountain’s Anti Pollution Cleanser is certainly no exception! The packaging alone is stunning, with a glass bottle and plastic pump with a wooden collar which not only looks attractive but also allows for easy application.

Roze Mountain’s cleanser is designed to eradicate all traces of make-up, spf and daily grime from the skin while leaving it clean, toned and nourished. I have to say that this has been a lovely addition to my skincare routine since my box arrived last month as it is gentle on my skin, causes no irritation and delivers great results. What I love most is that the lightweight cleansing oil turns into the most gentle milky texture on the skin with a little water, so it rinses away without leaving any greasy residue on the skin. The natural aromas of the oils smell exactly as nature intended which I really enjoyed within my cleansing routine. All in all, I highly recommend Roze Mountain’s Anti Pollution Cleanser as it is very different to anything I have within my skincare collection and I will certainly be repurchasing when this one runs out.

Roze Mountain: Cleanse my Skin – Anti Pollution Cleanser – 20.00€

Blanka Soap: Walking on Sunshine Moisturising Soap

If you’ve been following me for a while you may have noticed that I have a slight addiction to soap bars as I find them great for the skin as well as the environment, so you can imagine how excited I was to discover a new-to-me brand. Walking on Sunshine is the first soap i’ve tried from Blanka Soap yet after my experience, i’m sure it won’t be the last.

Walking on sunshine contains some lovely ingredients for an all-round skincare treat, with olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, glycerin and poppy seeds that are deeply nourishing, with an additional exfoliating benefit, which is gentle enough for everyday use. The bar lathers well and has a beautiful, subtle aroma of mandarin and cedarwood which is citrus fresh without being sickly sweet. After use, my skin was left feeling soft and clean, with any areas of dryness completely eradicated. Despite its moisturising nature, it lasted surprisingly well and was a lovely addition to my bathing routine. I cannot wait to try more from the range and highly recommend you check the brand out if you haven’t already.

Blanka Soap: Walking on Sunshine Moisturising Soap – £7.50

Sanatio Naturalis: Miracle Jojoba Radiance Essence

I love multipurpose products and this gorgeous jojoba oil has been invaluable within my routine since my box arrived last month. Although I really enjoy using jojoba oil within my skincare products, this was actually the first time using it as a stand alone oil. The Miracle Jojoba Radiance Essence has the most beautiful lightweight texture that is highly absorbent yet deeply moisturising on the skin.

During the recent heatwave, this was my go-to product as it didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky and it absorbed beautifully even when my skin was warm. It wasn’t just my skin that reaped the benefits of the essential fatty acids and vitamin rich formulation, as my hair was also smoother and nicely conditioned after using the Miracle Jojoba Radiance Essence. What I loved about this particular jojoba oil was the packaging, which made the product feel incredibly luxurious. The outer box made it perfect as a thoughtful gift for someone special and the glass bottle with pipette makes application and product dispensing a quick and easy process. I cannot wait to utilise this in more ways over the coming weeks but it is safe to say that jojoba oil is a great all rounder for all skin types. As Sanatio Naturalis’ Miracle Jojoba Radiance Essence is certified natural and organic by The Soil Association/Cosmos, you can use it with confidence knowing that this 100% pure jojoba oil is a great example of just how high quality an oil should be.

Sanatio Naturalis: Miracle Jojoba Radiance Essence – £24.00/30ml

Odylique: Ylang Ylang & Orange Body Wash

I am always excited to see an Odylique product in a beauty box and this body wash was certainly no exception. I have used Odylique body washes before but this was my first experience with this particular scent, yet I have to say that this may be my favourite to date.

The ylang ylang and orange aroma is perfectly balanced, with subtle ylang ylang lingering in the background of citrus fresh orange that gives the product its calming quality. The body wash is perfect for sensitive skin types with calendula to soothe the skin and extra virgin olive oil to provide intense skin-conditioning benefits. The wash lathers nicely, rinsing from the skin well and leaving it soft and smooth without any dryness at all. It goes beyond a simple body wash and instead feels like a luxurious, skincare treat that is actually working to not only effectively cleanse the skin but also leave it feeling intensely nourished too.

Odylique: Ylang Ylang & Orange Body Wash – £11.00/200ml

It is safe to say that these products have made a huge impact upon my skin since the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box arrived on my doorstep last month. It has been amazing to discover four new brands and experience all five products for the very first time. The Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box just keeps getting better and better since it changed to a bi-monthly subscription service and I cannot wait until the next month’s box arrives.

You can find all my previous Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box reviews here if you fancy a read and don’t forget to head over to their website for all their subscription options. 

Did you receive the Summer Vibes box? Let me know in the comments below your favourite items.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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