Bumi Naturals made a great first impression on my skin last year, making it into my top five brands to watch out for in 2020. After adding more of their product range to my collection this year, it is safe to say that they have become one of my favourite natural beauty brands for skincare with their innovative products and conscious ethos that makes them stand out in the green beauty crowd.


Imogen, the founder and creator of Bumi Naturals, is dedicated to great skin, with a collection of natural and organic products that are all handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness. The brand is passionate about the world around us, harnessing the healing properties of plants within their skincare range to bring a wealth of benefits to help our skin as we navigate daily life that can take it’s toll on the look and feel of our skin.


Today I wanted to share two of my favourite products from their skincare range that I have tried, and repurchased, this year. These gorgeous goodies both contain honey, which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients, and they both achieve incredible results after both short term and long term use…

Face Mask: Honey & Cinnamon

No skincare ritual would be complete without a weekly face mask and they don’t get much better than this, with a wealth of skin loving ingredients designed to improve the look and feel of our skin. The Honey & Cinnamon Face Mask was the first product the brand launched, and over the last few years has remained one of their bestselling products to date.


The mask contains some beautiful ingredients to help counteract the effects pollution has on our skin and boasts a nourishing yet antibacterial formulation that makes it a great all-rounder for all skin types. Cinnamon helps to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, boosting radiance and eradicating a dull complexion. Honey, which has been used for centuries for its medicinal purposes, is both moisturising and antimicrobial so will keep the skin intensely moisturised while also keeping it blemish free. But the wonder ingredient that works in harmony with the cinnamon and honey is coffee, which not only helps to to buff away dead skin cells and daily grime from our faces but also improves the appearance of fine lines.


The texture of the face mask itself is unlike anything i’ve personally used in the past, with a thick, smooth texture that thins out on wet skin, and becomes more scrubby as it begins to exfoliate. Despite it’s texture on wet skin, it holds incredibly well and allows you to lay back and relax, or master the art of multitasking, while the ingredients work their magic. The scent is actually not as you’d expect, as from the jar it has an almost almondy-aroma, which begins to develop to a coffee and honey scent while on your skin and I one I really enjoy, despite not usually liking the smell of coffee!


When I removed the mask, I have to say that my skin is incredibly soft and smooth, so much so that I always find myself just feeling my face! My face never feels tight or dry and the immediate effect is long lasting. My skin really reaps the benefits of the mask and I love how it saves time as I don’t need a separate facial exfoliator within my routine. What I love most is the fact that it comes in this smaller 30ml jar as well as a regular-sized 60ml version too (something which Bumi Naturals offer with a wide variety of the products). It would be the perfect companion if you were travelling and has been a game changer in both the cooler weather during the Winter months as well as the incredibly hot weather we’ve been experiencing recently.  If you’re looking to spice up your masking game then Bumi Naturals Face Mask is certainly the one for you.

Bumi Naturals: Face Mask – £15.00 -£24.00

Balm: Honey & Vanilla

If there was ever a balm to incorporate into my skincare routine during the Summer months then it would have to be Bumi Naturals Balm, as the scent alone reminds me of sweet treats in the sun. Bumi Naturals Balm is a true skincare hero, with a multitude of uses and nourishing ingredients that make it perfect as a lip balm, cuticle cream and basically anywhere on the face and body that needs a little TLC. It is perfect for soothing irritation as well as moisturising dry patches so is also a great handbag hero too.


The balm is a blend of beautiful natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil, vanilla infused organic jojoba oil, organic beeswax and organic shea butter to name a few, and has the most beautiful silky, smooth texture which is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. It buffs into the skin with ease, leaving only a very subtle sheen on the skin after use. It leaves dry patches feeling intensely moisturised straight after application and really soothes any irritation or redness. My skin was softer and smoother to the touch and looked nourished and radiant in its appearance. As a lip balm, it helped any chapped areas and left them feeling supple for quite a long period of time and was actually a great base for make-up as you can really buff it in for a smoother lipstick application.


The scent is very different to a lot of balms within my skincare collection, as it is sweet with vanilla yet has a slight earthy quality to it from the honey and natural oils and butters. It is a real treat on the senses and is difficult to resist – especially when used as a lip balm! I’ve been loving it within my skincare routine as it really lives up to my high expectations and would be a great addition to your skincare collection if you haven’t tried it already.

Bumi Naturals: Balm – £11.00/15ml


These two products have really exceeded my expectations and have been an absolute pleasure to use within my skincare routine. I love everything from the packaging, brand ethos, affordable price tags and overall performance that each product delivers. If you haven’t tried Bumi Naturals yet then you are really missing out. I cannot wait to see this brand grow from strength to strength as they continue creating beautiful formulations that really promote healthy skin.

Have you tried Bumi Naturals yet? You can find more information about the brand and product range in my previous reviews or over on their website. Alternatively, you can find their products on Blomma Beauty where you can also get 15% off your first order at with the code BEAUTYFOLIO15. It is a great place to find amazing brands that are passionate about green and conscious beauty and are dedicating to providing the best nature has to offer.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: The 15% off code at Blomma Beauty is an affiliate code where I receive a small percentage from each order placed, which results in a store credit.

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