I’ve been a big fan of The Natural Beauty Box for a few years now but it’s been a while since i’ve got my hands on one as their popularity has lead them to sell out very quickly each month.

August’s box contained five skincare products worth over £67.00 and had a ‘re.fresh’ theme that made the items perfect for the seasonal change to help maintain a fresh and glowing complexion. What I loved most about August’s box was that I tried new items from some of my favourite brands including Skin Alchemists, Douvall’s and Organii, as well as discovering new brands in the form of Fais Botanicals and Elikya Beauty.

Fais Botanicals: Balance It Antioxidant Facial Oil

This was the first time using Fais Botanicals and as far as first impressions go, i’m certain this won’t be the last. The Balance It Antioxidant Facial Oil is formulated with oily/combination skin in mind, designed to balance and soothe acne-prone skin while also fighting free radicals. Despite having dry and dehydrated skin, this facial oil contains some beautifully nourishing ingredients such as Maracuja (passionfruit seed oil), olive derived squalane and watermelon seed oil that sounded like they would be perfect for my skin.

The oil itself has a lovely lightweight texture that is highly absorbent, with a small amount spreading across the skin with ease and leaving behind no greasy residue. The scent is zesty with slight floral and herby notes lingering in the background, a scent which remains on the skin for a while so you can enjoy the essential oil blend. On the skin, it sits well with other products and my face feels nicely moisturised after use. I haven’t experienced any breakouts or redness so i’m excited to try it over a longer period of time to see the long term results.

Fais Botanicals: Balance It Antioxidant Facial Oil – £25.00/30ml

Skin Alchemists: Charred Rose Artisan Soap Bar

This was one of the products I was most excited for in August’s Box as i’d been waiting to try Skin Alchemists Soap since their released a few months ago. Firstly, I love the way the soap is packaged as it would make a lovely gift as well as a skin-cleansing essential in your own body care routine.

I received the charred rose version, a soap bar that is perfect for dry and sensitive skin, so sounded like the one for me. The soap contains olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, activated charcoal, pink clay and powdered hibiscus, alongside an essential oil blend of palmarosa and Egyptian geranium to give a delicate, rosey scent.

The soap bar has a gentle lather that is light yet creamy on the skin. It feels nourishing, leaving behind soft skin that experiences no dryness or tightening after use. What I love most is that despite its creamy lather and moisturising properties, it also lasts a good amount of time making it great for your pocket as well as your skin and the environment. Skin Alchemists never fail to put a little luxury into your skincare routine and after this particular soap experience, I can’t wait to try more for their artisan soap range.

Skin Alchemists: Artisan Soap Bar (charred rose) – £10.00/100g

Organii: Liquorice Shower Gel

I am a huge fan of Organii products as they are a brand that really showcases natural beauty at affordable prices. I was excited to try their Shower Gel as I have had such a great experience with their new Cream Soap Bars recently. The shower gel has a lovely consistency that is great for the shower as it is thick and not too runny.

It made my skin feel nicely cleansed, soft and not dry at all which I enjoyed however, this particular product is just not for me. I am just not a fan of the liquorice scent as I feel it’s like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, and unfortunately I am a hater. If you do love the liquorice scent, then this will be ideal for you as the aroma is quite strong and does linger on the skin for a while after use. I will certainly be trying out Organii’s other Shower Gel scents, as I did enjoy its performance on the skin and amazingly good value for money, but on this occasion , it just wasn’t for me.

Organii: Liquorice Shower Gel – £5.95/300ml

Douvall’s: Ombre Verte Citrus Argan Body Oil

I really enjoyed my previous experience of Douvall’s Argan Oil when it appeared in The Natural Beauty Box last year so I was excited to try their citrus version. Firstly, I am a big fan of this 15ml size that you can purchase from Douvall’s website as it is a great way to try products before you commit to full size and also makes travelling and on-the-go application incredibly easy.

The oil has the most beautiful, refreshing aroma with a blend of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit oils that immediately refresh the senses. The texture is characteristic of Argan oil in the way that it absorbs well yet I find it slightly richer than others i’ve used in the past which makes a nice change and great for my drier skin type. I love the multipurpose nature, as it’s a great bath oil as well as a nice nourishing treat for the skin. If you’re looking for a high quality Argan oil with a citrus scent I highly recommend you check out Douvall’s Ombre Verte.

Douvall’s: Ombre Verte Citrus Argan Oil – £14.00/15ml

Elikya Beauty: Gold Glow Illuminator

Finally, another new-to-me brand that I was excited to explore. As someone with a drier skin type, I am a huge fan of products that help to achieve a glowing complexion as well as those with a creamy consistency that won’t dry my skin out too much – so Gold Glow sounded like the product for me.

I love how easy Gold Glow was to work with as it has a thick texture that enabled me to use a little product for a highly pigmented, illuminating finish. However, due to the thickness of the product, the packaging is a little redundant. The pipette applicator acted more like a wand and I don’t think you’ll be able to get full use of the product inside the bottle which is unfortunate. As a highlighter, it did a nice job when used sparingly, as it gave a lovely bronzed, glow to the skin and has a nice shimmer that reflect the light beautifully.

When mixed into your foundation, I found it made it way too dark for my skin, as a very small amount made my foundation around two shades darker than i’d usually use. For me, I absolutely loved this as a cream/liquid eye shadow as it is highly pigmented, didn’t crease and had great staying power all day. Another way that I used it was by putting a little into my moisturiser or body oil and using it on my legs to give them a little bit of a golden glow as we near the end of the Summer. I really enjoyed finding ways to use this, as it is an incredibly versatile product, however I feel the combination of the consistency and packaging just lets it down. I personally found it too dark for using as a illuminating booster in my foundation, possibly because i’m quite pale, but I will certainly continue using it as an eye product as I feel this is where it performs the best within my personal make-up routine.

Elikya Beauty: Gold Glow – €14.50/15ml (approximately £13.00)

August’s Box was a little bit of a mixed bag for me, not because the products wasn’t amazing but just because some of them didn’t really suit my scent preferences or pale skin tone. With a box value of over £67.00, The Natural Beauty Box is still one of the best value cruelty-free beauty boxes around, especially for a monthly box that has introduced me to so many amazing brands over the years. For me, the winner within this particular edit has to be Skin Alchemists Charred Rose Soap Bar, as it was a product that certainly performed beyond my expectations. Fais Botanicals Balance It Facial Oil and Douvall’s Citrus Argan Oil certainly came a close second as they also gave great results with short term use.

If you’re looking at subscribing to The Natural Beauty Box, then head over to their website to find out more. You can also see all my previous reviews here if you’d like to see what Emma has in store for you if you subscribe.

I’d love to hear what you thought of August’s edit – let me know in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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