|Gifted| I’m sure i’m not the only one whose hands have been in need of some TLC since the pandemic began, with constant hand washing and increased use of alcohol sanitisers that have certainly taken their toll. Now, with the additional stress on our skin from the heating and harsher weather, finding a product formulated with dry hands in mind is a must. Luckily i’ve found one in the form of a plastic free hand scrub from British, indie brand Tam Mason…

Tam Mason are a small, indie beauty brand based in Somerset who pride themselves on creating natural products that are great on the skin, Earth-conscious in their packaging and lovingly handmade to ensure the highest quality. All of the products in the range are centred around organic sugar, skin-loving oils and essential oil blends that offer a sensory experience as well as feeding your skin.

I have recently been trying Tam Mason’s boxed hand scrubs, which offer a different approach to hand care. The gentle sugar-based hand scrubs are formulated to gently exfoliate the skin while the nourishing oils deeply moisturise, eradicating the need to follow-up with a separate hand cream (something which certainly appealed to me!). Each scrub comes housed in a 150g aluminium tin and comes packaged in a blue, outer box (which is recycled eco-fibre with a 99% recycled content), birch wood spoon and information card specific to the blend you have chosen. The hand scrubs are beautifully packaged, making them perfect gifts as well as an essential hand care treat for you to incorporate into your beauty routine whenever you feel your hands need a little TLC. There is also an extra level of gift-wrapping as an additional option if you are looking to make the product even more special for the lucky recipient, whatever the occassion.

Today i’m reviewing the Rose & Patchouli Nourishing Sugar Scrub, one of the bestselling products from the collection. The scrub is formulated using organic sugar, natural vitamin e, sweet almond oil, Rose Damascena Absolute and Patchouli essential oil to give the scrub its beautifully nourishing properties and sweet, slightly musky scent. On the hands, a small amount of scrub goes an incredibly long way and feels moisturising and not too abrasive on the skin.

I have used hand scrubs in the past but I can honestly say that this was one of the nicest products i’ve used on my hands for a very long time. The scrub left my skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and feeling intensely moisturised without any greasy residue. The effects were certainly long-lasting, as I didn’t need to moisturise my hands at all throughout the day and when I did, the products absorbed so much easier into my skin. It has been lovely to find a product that has eradicated dryness from my hands in an instant and is gentle enough for sensitive skin too. If your hands are in need of a pampering experience, then I highly recommend you try this as you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Tam Mason: Rose & Patchouli Hand Scrub – £15.00/150g

To find out more about Tam Mason and all the blends available, check out their website here. I will be uploading more Tam Mason reviews very soon so make sure you follow me here, or on social channels, to keep up to date.

Have you tried Tam Mason Scrubs yet? Let me know your favourite in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge by Tam Mason. For more details on gifted products, please check out the disclaimer section on my website which can be found here.

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