Welcome to the latest installment of Meet the Maker, a series of questions and answers with some of the faces behind the brands that make a big impact on our skincare routines. It is great to find products that can transform our beauty regimes for the better but I wanted to find out more about the people behind the brands and discover what motivates them to formulate the products within their ranges. 

Today we’re talking to Lucy over at Orchard View naturals, an ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable beauty brand with aromatherapy at its heart. I’ve been a fan of their specialist range of essential-oil based beauty products for a few years now and have never been disappointed by the sensorial experience and great results their skincare products give with each use…

Emma: Hi Lucy, thank you for taking the time to feature on Meet the Maker. Tell us a little more about yourself…

Lucy: Hi Emma, thanks for inviting me. I live in rural Somerset in the South-West & am self-employed as a therapist. Since the early days (2006) I’ve focused on natural, plant-based ingredients, aromatherapy & sustainability. Over the years, my interest in natural skincare has grown & now I specialise in holistic, natural, cruelty-free & vegan facial treatments. 

Emma: What was it that made you decide to become a formulator as well a natural and holistic facial therapist?
Lucy: My clients gave me the nudge! After experiencing the effects of essential oils on their skin during their aromatherapy treatments, they wanted something to take home. Orchard View naturals was born when I launched my first collection a decade ago. “Orchard View” was the name of my first home in Somerset & I chose it for the brand as it has a lovely heritage, with Somerset being cider-country – orchards, apples, wassails, it’s all still here!  

Emma: I love the story behind the name! Moving onto ingredients now – what are your three favourite ingredients to work with and why?

Lucy: I love different ingredients at different times, depending on my mood, the season, the way my skin feels. Some of my favourite ingredients at the moment are olive squalane (amazing for skin conditioning), organic rosehip seed oil (for its potent vitamins, antioxidants & essential fatty acid content) & I adore orange blossom floral water for toning & uplifting.

Emma: What a beautiful selection, especially for the Autumn. If you had to choose one product from your own collection, what would it be and why? 

Lucy: Vital Botanical Facial Oil, an organic facial elixir known by its fans as “Triple Rose”. It’s been a best-seller since 2011. If you love naturals, organic skincare & in particular, rose, then it’s a real treat not just for the skin, but for the senses. It really helps the skin look plump & glowing. Before natural facial oils became mainstream, this was one of the originals & was always the star of our show. It’s 99% organic, 100% natural, vegan & cruelty-free, too. 

Emma: I have tried Triple Rose in the past and can see why it’s a bestseller (and your personal favourite!). Are there any products you would love to add to the OV naturals range that you haven’t already got within your collection?
Lucy: I’m happy with what I have. 

One thing I’d love is to be able to source 100% sustainable packaging. Right from the very start I’ve worked hard to be as planet-friendly as possible e.g. by using glass instead of plastic, choosing recycled paper & card & sourcing ingredients from ethical independent businesses. Recently I’ve introduced bottles with a recyclable aluminium screw cap, so that repeat customers can buy these & re-use their pipette or pump to save on plastic waste. I’m always on the lookout for more sustainable options. They’re just not all available yet, we need manufacturers to step up.

Emma: It is great to hear of a brand going the extra mile to make their brand as ethical as possible without compromising on quality and performance of the products themselves. If you were not working in the aromatherapy/beauty industry, what would you be doing as a career?

Lucy: It’s something I’m thinking about as I get older. I know I won’t be able to do hands-on therapies forever & my products are part of that rather than a separate entity. So I’ll need to find an alternative career at some point. I have many passions, so it could be something to do with nature, conservation, writing or art.   

Emma: Exciting times ahead for you Lucy! Finally, i’d love to know what advice you would give to someone who would like to explore the benefits of essential oils further?

Lucy: To take them seriously. They’re highly concentrated & potent so need to be handled carefully. My advice would be to do the research, find sources you can trust & if you’re serious about exploring them further, find some specialist training.

Thanks Lucy for taking the time to feature on Meet the Maker, it has been an honour to find out a little more about you and OV naturals.

Also be sure to follow OV naturals on Instagram & Facebook to keep up to date with new launches, informative articles and the latest news from Lucy’s therapy studio. You can also find all my previous OV naturals reviews here to find out more about Lucy’s products.

If you’ve enjoyed this installment of Meet the Maker then you haven’t got long to wait for our next interview when i’ll be talking to Rupa at Kri Skincare about her own green beauty journey and learning more about one of my favourite brands.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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