|Gifted| When I first saw this gorgeous Seasonal Starter Kit it was love at first sight, with a selection of products and beauty accessories that were sure to put the pampering into my selfcare beauty routine…

The Seasonal Starter Kit contains some truly beautiful products from Love Absolute’s incredibly ethical and vegan friendly skincare range that are perfect for Winter Skin. The plastic-free set features the Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar, Salvation Angel Clay and multipurpose Lavish Cold Cream, along with a masking brush, coconut masking bowl and soap-ends pouch, all wrapped up in a branded, cotton, drawstring bag.

What I love most is how the Seasonal Starter Kit encapsulates everything Love Absolute stands for, with an incredibly eco-friendly gifting option that would make the perfect Christmas gift for ethical beauty fans and novices alike.

Love Absolute: Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar

The Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar is actually the only product within the Seasonal Starter Kit that i’ve used before, as I had the pleasure of testing it back in April 2019 when it featured in The Natural Beauty Box.

I had previously had some negative encounters with cleansing bars, as I found them too drying and soap-like in both their texture and feel on the skin, and had decided that they were not for me. Thankfully, my experience with Love Absolute’s Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar changed my mind after first use and when i’m looking for a cleansing bar, Love Absolute are always my first choice.

The Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar comes in a reusable and recyclable tin and is beautifully wrapped in paper with a sticker detail. The bar is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and boasts some truly beautiful ingredients such as Aquamarine Ocean Glacial Clay, Blue Chamomile, glycerin and antioxidant-rich English blackcurrant seed oil. The bar is not only formulated to deeply cleanse the skin but also improve micro-circulation and calm the skin with it’s naturally anti-inflammatory properties.

The bar itself creates a beautiful, gentle lather which has a facial wash feel as you use it within your cleansing routine. It has a fresh, oceanic scent that is perfectly balanced and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh without any areas of dryness or feelings of tightness on the skin.

This is truly a great product to incorporate within your cleansing routine and is a great place to start when trialing products from this gorgeous Seasonal Starter Kit.

Love Absolute: Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar – £19.00/100g (when sold individually)

Love Absolute: Salvation Angel Clay

No pampering session would be complete without a clay mask to provide a deep cleanse and i’ve been loving Love Absolute’s Salvation Angel Clay within my weekly ritual.

The powdered clay mask contains vitamin-rich organic seaweed, blue green algae, kaolin clay and aquamarine sea clay to soothe, heal, re-balance, exfoliate and reduce redness. The mask is formulated with oily to combination skin types in mind, or those looking for a deep cleanse to help reduce the effects pollution has on our skin. Despite this, I have a dry skin type and have found this a great addition to my skincare routine.

The clay has a soft texture which allows for easy mixing and thanks to it’s powder form, can be mixed with a multitude of products such as yogurt, honey, floral water or fruit juices to create a bespoke mask for what your skin requires at any particular time.

The mask has the most beautiful fresh aroma that makes it a pleasure to use and leaves my skin feeling soft to the touch and calmer in it’s appearance. A little clay does go quite a long way which was surprising but certainly welcomed. The fact that the Seasonal Starter Kit came with a coconut mixing bowl and masking brush made my weekly masking ritual a thoroughly enjoyable experience as it really upgraded my masking routine for the better.

Love Absolute: Salvation Angel Clay – £19.00/50g or £36.00/100g

Love Absolute: Lavish Cold Cream

When I think of a cold cream, I have nostalgic memories of my Nan’s skincare routine as i’m transported back to watching her apply her skincare which consisted of a simple cold cream both morning and night.

Love Absolute’s Lavish Cold Cream is a far cry from the one my Nan used yet still has that basic principle of a rich, multipurpose cream that is incredibly nourishing on the skin. The Lavish Cold cream is an award winner in its own right thanks to it’s beautiful ingredients that such as rosehip oil, safflower oil and vegan hyaluroinc acid that are deeply moisturising, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and healing on the skin. The addition of antioxidant-rich English blackcurrant seed oil, white poppy seed and English elderberry also helps to fight free-radical damage and the impact environmental factors, such as pollution, has on our skin.

The cream has an incredibly rich texture that is thick yet rubs into the skin with ease, fully absorbing in an instant and leaving the skin with a dewy, nourished appearance. A little product does go a very long way, making the Lavish Cold Cream exceedingly good value for money. The scent is subtle, with a light floral scent of honeysuckle just lingering in the background, which made it a pleasure to use within my skincare routine.

The multipurpose nature means that not only is it a great night time cold cream and facial moisturiser but is also effective as a wipe-off cleanser too. I personally haven’t used it in this way, as I have been enjoying it so much as a night time cream, but I have no doubt that it will do the trick with its rich texture.

After use my skin is left feeling intensely moisturised and flake-free, with dry patches softened and my skin taking on a dewy appearance. It has been a great product to use during the cooler weather, with the frosty mornings and central heating really taking it’s toll on my already dry skin. This has been a great addition to the set and really is the final nourishing element to a great detoxifying, pampering routine thanks to the Seasonal Starter Kit.

Love Absolute: Lavish Cold Cream – £19.00/30g or £46.00/100g

The Seasonal Starter Kit from Love Absolute has been a welcome addition to my skincare routine, going belong a simple gift set and actually acting as a discovery set for skincare perfect for the Winter months. The addition of accessories such as the masking bowl, soap bag and masking brush shows the brand’s attention to detail and commitment and passion for environmental issues such as plastic pollution. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to try the brand for the first time or as an introduction to ethical and conscious beauty, as it really does tick all the boxes for a great gifting option.

Love Absolute: Seasonal Starter Kit – £39.00

Looking to try Love Absolute for yourself? You can find all my previous reviews here and get 15% off with the LOVEFOLIO.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge by Love Absolute. This has not influenced my thoughts and opinions in this review as everything on Beauty Folio remains #triedandtested with honest feedback on each product that has not been influenced by the brand in any way. I will never give a positive review on a product I don’t believe in just because it has been #gifted, and each product i’ve received free of charge will be labelled as such. For more details on gifted products, please check out the disclaimer section on my website which can be found here. 

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