Freyaluna had been on my radar for some time, yet I had never got around to trying out any of their products. So on a recent purchase on Rare Beauty, I finally decided that this was the perfect time to try them out.

Freyaluna was founded from one woman’s desire to find products that were effective, true to the Earth, and most importantly, helped improve self-love and care; a concept which is really at the heart of the brand itself. All their products are free from harsh chemicals, cruelty-free and gentle on even the most senstive of skin.


I decided to try Freyaluna’s Shampoo Travel Kit, a set of two miniature sized Nourishing and Gentle Shampoos in a beautifully packaged box. I love how Freyaluna provide sample sets such as this, as I do love to try before I buy more full-sized products, especially when it comes to haircare.

Nettle and Lavender – Nourishing Shampoo
Nettle and Lav

This nourishing shampoo is designed to gently cleanse, improve shine, promote growth and nourish dry and damaged hair. Nettle is a powerhouse ingredient within haircare, as not only does it remedy dandruff and help to revitalise dull hair, but it can also aid and prevent hair loss too. With the addition of lavender to soothe, and birchleaf to tone the scalp, it is no surprise that I fell in love with this shampoo from the first use. Firstly, the smell is amazing, and despite being strong in lavender it isn’t overpowering at all, and actually has a slight sweetness to it which makes it very pleasant. Despite the natural formula, it lathered really well and a little went a long way as you only need to apply it to the roots. It did make my hair feel heavy as I was washing it, and I did think my hair wasn’t going to be as clean as i’d like – but I have to say that I couldn’t be more wrong! My hair was bouncy and full of life, it had volume, looked healthy and felt incredibly nourished. The effects lasted about 2-3 days, which is good going considering I used to wash my hair every day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this shampoo if you want healthy looking hair, as it really delivers on all of its promises.

Freyaluna : Nettle and Lavender Nourishing Shampoo – £32.00/200ml

Geranium and Ylang Ylang Gentle Shampoo
Geranium and Ylang

It is no surprise that Freyaluna’s Geranium and Ylang Ylang Gentle Shampoo is an award winner, as not only does it cleanse both the hair and scalp, but it also promotes hair health and growth. With soothing lemon balm, balancing ylang ylang and calming chamomile and lavender, this gentle shampoo is a haircare delight. The scent, just as their nourishing shampoo, smells lovely and really captures the strong floral fragrance of geranium and the sweet ylang ylang which doesn’t overpower. It made my hair feel soft and bouncy, although not quite as volumous as the nourishing shampoo i’d used previously, yet it felt clean and kept my oily roots at bay for 3 days. The best thing about this gentle shampoo is the difference it made to my scalp which doesn’t like the hot weather or heat styling. After using this gentle shampoo, my scalp felt the best it had done for some time, and was moisturised and flake-free. This certainly is a lovely shampoo, and especially great for those with problematic scalps.

Freyaluna: Gentle Shampoo: £32.00/200ml

Both Shampoos

Both shampoos have really delivered on their promises and have captured the very essence of what I want from a natural shampoo. Both products smell exactly how they should with nothing taking away from their naturally punchy fragrance, which demonstrates how harnessing nature’s best ingredients isn’t purely about their properties, but also about their effect on all our senses. The travel sized products have certainly been great value for money at just £10.00, as despite my thick, long hair, I’ve got around 3 uses out of each bottle. Despite both shampoo’s being designed for other hair types in mind, I found they worked well on my oily roots/dry ends as they intensely cleansed my hair and scalp yet maintained the nourishing features on the ends of my hair (so much so that I didn’t need conditioner!).

I have already repurchased the travel sized kit to take away with me, and would not hesitate to purchase the full sized products as they really will go the distance. I have been so impressed by the brand itself, that I have also purchased their Regain Your Balance: Harmonising Facial Kit, as I can’t wait to see if the skincare is as good as their haircare products…

Have you tried Freyaluna products yet? You can find out more about the brand over on their website where you’ll also find some great resources for a cleaner lifestyle.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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