My favourite beauty box arrived towards the end of last month and yet again, June’s Natural Beauty Box was a treasure trove of delights. The theme was ‘Summer Holidays’, and despite not having any vacation plans of my own, the current weather here in the UK certainly lended itself to these amazing products.

The ‘Summer Holidays’ box was filled with all the essential items to get your skin beach ready and prepared for some serious sun-seeking. As always, my faithful friend couldn’t wait to help me open last month’s box and was certainly delighted with the carefully selected products.


The selection of products and the amazing value of all the items make this month’s box one if the most exciting so far…

KoKoGlow- Pink Kisses Salt Body Scrub

KoKoGlow is a new brand, creating no nonsense body scrubs which contain basic ingredients that give maximum effects. Designed for all skin types, but especially beneficial for those with dry and sensitive skin, the Pink Kisses Salt Body Scrub contains a blend of salts, skin-loving oils and jojoba beads to eradicate dry and flaky skin, nourish and moisturise as well as reducing inflammation. The body scrub itself, which can also be used on the face, is course yet finely milled so it doesn’t aggravate the skin. The scent is divine, thanks to coconut oil, ylang ylang and rose essential oils, and evokes thoughts of tropical beaches and holiday cocktails. After leaving the scrub on for five minutes as suggested, my skin felt intensely nourished and silky smooth with no greasy residue. I’ve used this several times, in both the bath and shower, and find that it isn’t as messy as I’d anticipated and is great value for money. I can’t wait to see more from the brand, as their journey is definitely one to watch.

Siskyn – Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel Toning Body Oil

I’ve been wanting to try Siskyn out for a while now so I was thrilled to see one of their full sized body oils feature in June’s box. Siskyn are a luxury natural beauty brand, with each of their products containing only the finest 100% natural ingredients.  This firming body oil is a real powerhouse product, containing a total of 14 pure plant oils rich in fatty acids and lymphatic stimulants, as well as skin balancing, moisturising and firming properties. This oil smells amazing, with a zesty freshness of grapefruit and subtle sweet fennel giving it a spa-like fragrance which remains on the skin for several hours after use. It has a lightweight texture which absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving a non-greasy sheen on the body. After use, my usually dry skin feels moisturised and nourished all day, and after a few weeks, my eczema scars on my arms have reduced significantly. If you’re looking for a lightweight body oil which really makes a difference in a short space of time, then this is certainly the one for you. This is one summer-must have item that I will definitely be repurchasing!

Conscious Skincare – Grapefruit and Cedarwood Body Wash

Conscious Skin

I fell-in-love with Conscious Skincare when it featured in May’s box, so was very excited to see another product this month. This grapefruit and cedarwood body wash is designed to cleanse, tone, balance and detox the skin – all without stripping away any natural oils. I love the citrus scent, which isn’t too sweet or overpowering thanks to the addition of cedarwood, and I love how the fragrance is retained on the skin for some time after use. A small amount of product lathers really well and makes skin feel clean and soft without any tightness. This is the perfect refreshing product for a morning shower, as it really awakens the senses as well as the skin. I am so pleased with the quality of both products I’ve tried from Conscious Skincare and will certainly be purchasing more from the brand very soon.

Organii Everyday Organics – Medium Protection Sun Milk (SPF 20)


This is my first time using Organii products, but I was glad to see an organic SPF product featuring in the ‘Summer Holidays’ box, as no summer should be without SPF. This Sun Milk is free from parabens, mineral oils, fragrance and colourants in order to provide an SPF which is suitable for everyone – no matter what your age or skin type. As well as its effectiveness against both UVA and UVB rays, it is also full of antioxidants and Vitamin E to slow down sun-related aging and to moisturise the skin. Despite the sun milk’s thin texture, it feels incredibly rich on the skin yet rubs in with ease without drying the skin out or leaving a greasy residue. It has a lovely light fragrance, which comes naturally from the ingredients, and thankfully lacks the recognisable SPF scent. My skin was left with a lovely sheen and I didn’t experience any irritation at all, which is a rare experience for SPF and I. I haven’t burned at all when I’ve been out and about, and have used it on my face on one occasion with no adverse effects. There was also a sample of Organii’s High Protection Sun Milk (SPF50), which had the same great outcome as the medium protection. I would probably opt for the SPF 50 on my next purchase, as I have fair skin and prefer to wear a higher factor where possible. I can’t wait to try more products from the brand’s extensive range as my experience on this occasion has been so good.

Organii Everday Organics – After Sun Cream

after sun 3

This After Sun Cream came free with the Organii Sun Milk, but I thought it deserved a review of it’s very own. This after sun cream features Shea Butter and Aloe Vera juice to not only soothe but nourish both the body and face after sun exposure. The cream has a lovely lightweight and non-sticky formula which immediately feels cooling and soothing on warm skin. Not only have I used it on my skin after being out in the sun, but I’ve also used it on heat rash too. It left my skin feeling calmer and cooler within minutes and my heat rash subsided in record time. This is definitely a great accompaniment to the sun milk and a must-have product if you’ve been in the warm weather for a lengthy period of time. I can imagine how great it would feel on sun burn and due to it’s skin loving ingredients, would instantly calm and reduce the effects in a short space of time.

Rawganic – The Pure Refreshing Facial Wipe


Rawganic is yet another new brand to me and I was excited to try these handy 4-in-1 facial wipes. These biodegradable wipes, made from 100% cotton, are formulated with organic aloe vera and green tea leaf to cleanse, tone, moisturise and refresh the skin. These wipes have been a saviour during this hot weather, as they are so handy to refresh your skin during the day. The thick cloth-like wipe is so soft on the skin and isn’t too moist like other wipes I’ve used in the past. My skin felt moisturised after use and not dry or tight at all. I use them mostly over my eyes to rid them of pollen and they have done the job perfectly, not only cleansing my eyes but leaving them feeling soothed from hayfever symptoms. I did try these to remove make-up, and they did an amazing job so would be perfect for on the go, while travelling or if you’re going to a festival this summer. The pack size of 25 wipes makes them great value for money at just £3/pack and I will definitely be repurchased in the near future.


The Natural Beauty Box appears to be getting better and better each month, with a diverse selection of brands and products which really capture the ‘Summer Holidays’ theme. The standard of products keeps getting higher, so much so that I can’t choose which of June’s item I love the most! After 3 fantastic boxes so far, and a plethora of amazing brand and product discoveries, I can’t wait to see what goodies July’s box has in store.

Don’t forget to head over to The Natural Beauty Box to find out more. With so many subscription options available, there really is something for everyone!

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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