As many of you know, Alexa Sky Botanicals have been one of my favourite brand discoveries this year, so when I saw they sold travel-sized products, I couldn’t wait to try out their Zen Mist Facial Essence Toner.


Zen Mist Facial Essence harnesses the power of plants to deliver everything you require from a facial toner, as it balances and refreshes the skin to promote a more radiant complexion. Thanks to the skin loving ingredients such as Rose Floral Water, Rosemary leaf extract, Comfrey and rosehip seed extract, this facial essence hydrates, softens, smoothes, regenerates, nourishes and energises the skin. It also boasts benefits such as minimising the appearance of pores, soothing sensitive skin and creating a barrier against pollution and environmental damage. The 96.8% organic formula has also been supercharged with Rose Quartz and Selenite gem stones to help aid healing, improve skin quality and bring calm, peace and tranquility.


I found that using this as a spritz fitted in with my skincare routine really well, but you can also use this on cotton wool and wipe over the face if you wish. The scent is lovely and light, with the fragrance coming solely from the use of Rose and Neroli floral waters, which leaves skin feeling instantly hydrated, refreshed and soothed. It is so gentle, yet even after a few days of use, my skin was definitely reaping the benefits of this facial toner as it looked brighter and calmer in such a short space of time.

The Zen Mist Facial Essence as a facial spritz alone is a delight to use, yet as a toner within my skincare routine it performed exceedingly well. From is fresh yet uplifting scent, to it’s cooling and soothing formula, it certainly goes beyond a simple skincare product and instead gives you a few moments of pampering and relaxation in just one fine mist.

Head over to Alexa Sky Botanicals to check out the full-sized Zen Mist Facial Essence, or alternatively, it can be purchased in this handy miniature size or as part of the Travel Sized Essentials Kit which is the perfect way to try the brand’s best sellers.

Zen Mist Facial Essence Toner: £6.00 – £25.50

Have you tried this toner from Alexa Sky Botanicals yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Take care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x



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