There’s nothing better than giving your skin a good detox with a clay mask, and after receiving Casa Mencarelli’s Lemon and Clay Face Mask and Scrub in last month’s Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box, I couldn’t wait to see what this little pot of natural goodness could really do for my skin.

Casa Mencarelli are an organic skincare brand with their roots firmly set in Italian heritage, encapsulating love, passion and creativity within their products. Their ethos is that skincare should harness the true power of nature, a notion which is captured in their product range that is organic, clean and cruelty-free.

When I first tried their Sicilia Green Clay and Lemon Face Mask and Scrub last month, I was impressed by the immediate effects this mask had on my skin. I have now been using it for around four weeks and am pleased to say that i’ve been blown away the results yet again.

A small glass jar with a silver lid standing on grey and white Moroccan tiles with a white background. In the background there's also a small green plant in a white pot.

The face mask itself is a miracle for dull and lack-lustre skin, as the Silician Green Clay, lemon peel powder and tapioca starch formula is mineral rich to provide a real treat for the skin. Not only does this face mask cleanse and gently exfoliate but it also brightens and soothes the skin too. The beauty of powder face masks means that your mask can be personalised to suit your skincare needs, as you can mix the powder with a multitude of ingredients such as floral hydrosols, honey or face oils. I have used this mask with both rose water and honey, and my skin was left feeling soft and smooth on each occasion and my complexion was glowing. The addition of rose water gave an additional calming quality and the use of honey as a base helped to further boost hydration and provide an anti-bacterial element. The fresh and zesty scent also makes for a lovely experience and was certainly a welcomed addition to my pamper session.

As well as creating a beautiful face mask, you can also use this product as a scrub, something which I only tried recently. Once the powder is mixed into a paste it can be gently buffed into the skin and rinsed to remove dead skin cells to reveal perfectly soft skin with no dry patches or irritation. Both uses of this product have given my skin the much-needed detox and pamper it needed as the seasons began to change and has been a staple in my skincare routine since the first time I used it.

A small glass jar with no lid stands on grey and white Moroccan tiles. The jar contains the clay mask powder which is off-white colour and the lid is propped up against the right hand side of the jar. In the background there's also a small green plant in a white pot.

I have to say that I have been so impressed by both the quality and performance of Casa Mencarelli’s Sicilia Lemon and Clay Face Mask and Scrub. I love how much passion and care has gone into Casa Mencarelli’s products as well as the stylish packaging which captures the true essence of the brand itself. I am sure Sicilia won’t be the only product I try from their exciting skincare range which is guaranteed to take you on a journey to Italy en-route to beautiful skin.

Casa Mencarelli: Lemon and Clay Face Mask and Scrub – £8.00/12g, £25.00/80g

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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