Face masks have always been the ultimate product to complete any pampering session and recently, they have become one of the the staples within our skincare routines. My latest face mask discovery comes from Alexa Sky Botanicals, a brand that have certainly wowed me throughout 2018.

A Jar with white, black and green label, on a white background in front of a pink peony

Their Moroccan Rose Clay Mask really is as heavenly as it sounds. It has been my go-to product for a while now, as its wealth of benefits goes beyond your typical detoxifying clay mask.

The mask contains French pink clay, Moroccan Rose Petals, crushed pure seawater pearls, Gota Kola and Acai berries to cleanse, purify, detox, tone, calm and brighten the skin. As well as all this, it also mildly exfoliates, moisturises, shrinks pore size, increases circulation and reduces the appearance of clogged pores and fine lines. For me, the mask ticks all the right boxes, and certainly is a great all rounder.


What I love most about powdered face masks such as this is the versatility to personalise the mixture to suit your own skin requirements. Here are a few of my favorite combinations for my dry skin type, however some of these will also be useful on normal and mature skin types too.

Moroccan Rose Clay Mask and Rose Water

Rose water is among my favourite skincare products as it is so simple yet effective in your beauty routine. The key reason for utilising rose water in a face mask is that it gives it an additional calming element, is anti-bacterial, smells amazing and takes your skincare back to basics – as it is the best place to start when customising your mask.

Mixing the face mask is easy, as it is a simple 2:1 ratio of Moroccan Rose Clay Mask to rose water so you achieve a yogurt-like texture. This will give you a face mask that will only need to be on for a short space of time (until the mask begins to dry out at the edges). If you feel that you need a few minutes extra, then be sure to keep misting your face with rose water to keep the mask moist. The mask is easy to remove with a warm cloth and leaves skin feeling soft and fresh after use. Of course, rose water is only one of the many hydrosols you can use in your masking, so it’s always nice to add waters which are beneficial to your own skin type and personal preference. I have also used chamomile water, which has calming properties and delicate scent, which is perfect for my slightly sensitive skin.

Moroccan Rose Clay Mask, Rose Water and Rosehip Oil

This a combination which is a must for those with dry skin or a more mature skin type. Adding a few drops of Rosehip Oil, gives the mask a further moisturising boost which revitalises and brightens the skin in addition to the benefits of the mask itself. The long term effects of using this particular mix will also help with the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation on the skin, especially if you use Rosehip as your main face oil afterwards. Just as before, you can play around with the hydrosols and oils to suit your own skin types and personal preference. I have also used this mask with hazelnut oil, which is the ultimate skin softener, as well as oil-based serums to supercharge the mask even further.

Moroccan Rose Clay Mask, Rose Water and Honey

Honey is such a great base for a face mask as it has some amazing qualities to aid with drier skin types as it’s full of antioxidants, incredibly moisturising and deeply soothing on the skin. Depending on the honey you’re using, you’ll need 1:1 ratio of mask to honey, and then a spot of hydrasol to slacken the mixture slightly (and you could also add a few drops of essential oils if you wish). What I love most about the honey mixture is how it sits on the skin, as it holds slightly better and takes longer to dry out. This means that it’s the perfect mixture for a pampering session as opposed to the slightly quicker version with just rosewater. This particular face mask recipe certainly leaves my skin feeling nourished, and also makes for a great base on oilier skin types too.

An open jar with a pink peony to the left and a wooden spoon with powder on it in front

I have to say that all these mixtures had one thing in common; they all left my skin looking and feeling amazing. My skin has been enjoying the once a week ritual which has improved the appearance of my pores and overall smoothness of my skin. Using it on a long term basis has certainly left my skin looking less lack lustre and my complexion a lot brighter – especially after the seasonal changes. I love how the mask is fragrance free, with only the slightest subtle fragrance of rose coming from the natural ingredients which demonstrates the true beauty of Alexa Sky Botanicals products. The additional benefit of Alexa Sky Botancials Moroccan Rose Clay Mask is that you can also boost your cleansing routine with 1/4 spoon of powder in with your cleansing cream or lotion to reap the benefits of more clay within your skincare routine.

A open jar on a white background next to a pink peony. The jar lid is in front to the left and a small wooden spoon, with some face mask powder on it, lies diagonally on the right in fro

Alexa Sky Botanical have certainly done it again with yet another incredible product that delivers on all its promises. This gorgeous face mask is among my favourite to date, and is certainly great value for money as one jar goes such a long way. To say that this face mask is effective is an understatement, as it is in fact a game changer when it comes to my weekly face mask routine, and one which I will certainly be continuing for the long haul.

Have you tried the Moroccan Rose Clay Mask yet? You can get 20% off until 31st March at Alexa Sky Botanicals using the code ‘SPRINGDETOX’ at the checkout.

You can also check out my guest post over at Alexa Sky Botanicals to find out which clay is best for your skin type, and exactly how they work.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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