Magical Tree were among my favourite brand discoveries of 2018, so I couldn’t think of a better time to re-visit the first product I tried from the brand; a product which made me notice what a truly beautiful green beauty brand Magical Tree truly are.


Sweet Delight Body Butter was among my favourite body butters last year as it was intensely nourishing, and thanks to its 100% natural formula, had a scent which was exactly as nature intended. Sweet Delight Body Butter captures the true zesty freshness of citrus, with orange and grapefruit essential oils delivering on fragrance as soon as you open the jar. The aroma is intense yet not overpowering, and leaves your skin smelling citrus fresh for several hours and your senses well-and-truly uplifted.



The texture of the body body is rich and creamy, with a small amount going an incredibly long way. It leaves skin feeling nourished and moisturised, with a healthy sheen which isn’t greasy at all. It keeps my skin feeling soft and smooth all day and thanks to it’s natural ingredients, is an incredibly versatile product too. From chapped lips to make-up removal, smoothing flyaway hair to keeping skin in tip top condition, Magical Tree Body Butters really do it all.


Sweet Delight Body Butter has wowed me yet again as I had forgotten how truly scrumptious the body butter is. As with all Magical Tree products, Sweet Delight Body Butter  is 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan friendly, organic and produced in an eco-friendly environment using only renewable energy.

The brand certainly wowed me with their products and brand ethos last year, and after repurchasing Sweet Delight Body Butter this month, i’m sure they will continue to delight me with their skincare saviours in 2019 too. Their product range offers something for everyone, with several scent ranges to suit all skin types and preferences so you never have to worry that you won’t find the perfect product for you.

Magical Tree: Sweet Delight Body Butter – £19.99/60g



Have you tried Magical Tree products in the past? Let me know your favourites in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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