July brought yet another amazing plastic-free box from The Natural Beauty Box which contained an array of products from a mix of favourite and new-to-me brands.


The Summer Glow box was amazingly good value for money as always, beautifully packaged and contained a good mix of full-sized and travel-sized goodies. I have to say that my post is a little later than usual as I have been enjoying the box so much that I nearly forget to post!

Mila’s Apothecary: Headgerow Nectar Drops


I’m already a huge fan of face oils in general but when an oil comes along containing ingredients as good as these, I am continually blown away at how beneficial oils truly are. Mila’s Apothecary’s Hedgerow Nectar Drops certainly smell as good as they sound with a sweet and fresh aroma from the strawberry seed oil providing a summery scent that couldn’t be more perfect for this time of year. The nourishing blend of rosehip, hemp and strawberry seed oil promised to keep my skin plump, firm, hydrated and bright and it certainly delivered when it came to performance. The blend left my skin feeling intensely moisturised yet it absorbed in an instant, leaving behind beautifully soft, smooth and nourished skin in its wake – all without any greasy residue or shine on the skin. This is a product that is certainly on my repurchase list as for me, it was love at first use.

The Ilex Wood: Dandelion and Rosemary Salve


I absolutely love The Ilex Wood as they are one of my favourite brands when it comes to skincare staples as I am never without their herbal salves in the house due to their wealth of benefits that makes them first aid essentials. Their Dandelion and Rosemary Salve is a silky smooth balm formulated to ease tired and aching muscles and joints as well as soothing chapped skin. The blend of Sweet Almond Oil and soy wax, as well as dandelion and rosemary essential oils, gives the salve a soft texture which rubs into the skin with ease, leaving behind a beautiful herby aroma. I’ve utilised it for a number of ailments, from a stiff neck and pulled calf muscle to aching legs and feet after a day out.  It has always delivered when it comes to great results and truly helps to ease discomfort within a few hours. This, as well as The Ilex Wood’s other herbal salves, also make great gifts – so much so that they featured in my Christmas gift guide last year. To find out more about the brand and their products, check out my previous reviews here.

Flawless: Gentle Foaming Clay Facial Cleanser


I love utilising powdered products in my skincare routine so was excited to see a cleansing powder in last month’s box. Flawless’ Gentle Foaming Clay Facial Cleanser gently exfoliates the skin while drawing out dirt and impurities while hydrating and calming the complexion. The powder itself has a lovely light, fresh scent that makes the cleanser a pleasure to use. The cleanser does exactly what it promises, creating the most gentle lather on the skin when mixed with a small amount of water, and leaving my skin feeling clean and fresh without any feeling of dryness or tightening at all.

Divine and Handmade: Pink Himalayan Bath Soak 


I love a relaxing bath and I have to say that bath salts are my favourite bath time treat. Divine and Handmade’s Pink Himalayan Bath Salts features Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salts and avocado oil  to relax muscles, relieve aches and pains, balance PH levels and deeply nourish the skin. I absolutely loved Divine and Handmade’s Bath Salts as they certainly gave my skin the hydration boost it needed. I would say that the salt itself isn’t as finely milled as my other bath salts so it took a little longer to dissolve in the water – but the wait was certainly worth it.

Meadow Skincare: Hydration Boost Moisturising Face Balm


Meadow Skincare have been one of my favourite brand discoveries of the year so far so i’m always thrilled to see them pop up in a beauty box. The waterless balm is a multipurpose wonder, tackling dry skin patches, flyaway hair and working as a facial moisturiser and make-up primer. You can see my previous review here, but I love it so much that it has already become a full-sized skincare essential in my beauty stash as it is like sunshine in a jar and a true treat for the skin skin.

Angel Face Cosmetics: Bronzer


I always love trying out natural cosmetics in beauty boxes as I personally find natural make-up to be one of the hardest products to buy as you can’t pop down to your local pharmacy or department store to swatch a tester before purchasing. Thankfully, Angel Face have eradicated this problem, stocking samples of their products so you can try before buying full-size – a service I wish more brands would offer. I have to say that I had mixed feelings about this one-shade-suits-all bronzer as i’m sure i’m not the only pale-skinned girl to have experienced the dreaded orange bronzer which claimed to be light. Thankfully Angel Face’s bronzer is a far cry from that orange shade, and although it may look dark from the tube, it is actually the most flattering bronzer shade i’ve ever used. The finely milled, soft powder has a slight shimmer/reflex running through it, giving your complexion a lovely glow. I found that on full-face make-up days it gives the skin a lovely natural warmth whereas on minimal make-up days, it works as a great blush to give my skin a healthy appearance. I can certainly see how this bronzer would be flattering on all skin tones and can safely say that this won’t be my last experience with Angel Face Cosmetics.


Last month’s Summer Glow box has been a triumph with so many amazing products from some truly beautiful brands. I continue to love the variety The Natural Beauty Box brings each month, with an array of gorgeous products that are all cruelty-free and vegan friendly. The quarterly Plastic-free boxes such as this shows that eco-friendly skincare doesn’t have to be expensive and that it is accessible to all.


Do you love the contents of this box? There are still a few boxes remaining if you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain box full of great beauty essentials. You can check out the remaining boxes here, as well as all the subscription offers available on future boxes.

What item are you loving most from July’s box? Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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