One of my favourite deliveries each month is The Natural Beauty box that always contains an array of vegan, cruelty-free and natural delights to satisfy any beauty enthusiast.


The Natural Beauty Box is always such good value for money and September’s box was certainly no exception, with an overall box value of £56.00 for just £25.00 including postage. The ‘Holding onto Summer’ box, which celebrates organic beauty for Organic September, comprises of some old favourites, as well as a new to me brand, so I already knew this was going to be a great month to be a subscriber…

Terre Verdi: AcquaDiRosa Balancing Mist

If I had to chose one floral water that I utilise the most within my skincare routine it would have to be rosewater as it really is a great all rounder. I had previously tried Terre Verdi’s Balancing Mist earlier this year and really enjoyed the refreshing mist that removes residual make-up after cleansing, balances your skin’s PH level and hydrates and refreshes skin throughout the day.


AcquaDiRosa has the most beautiful delicate rose aroma that captures the calming properties rosewater has on the senses as well as the skin.  The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing benefits rosewater naturally has to offer leaves skin feeling hydrated and refreshed without any heavy floral aroma lingering after use.

The size and quality of Terre Verdi’s Balancing Mist makes this amazingly good value for money and certainly adds to my admiration for this incredible brand.

Terre Verdi: AcquaDiRosa Balancing Mist – £17.00

Botanicals: Rosa Renew Anti-Aging Serum

I do love a good oil-based serum and after my previous experience with Botanicals products, I was excited to try this out to see if it lived up to my high expectations. The rich blend of organic ingredients such as rosehip oil, camellia, carrot and frankincense promotes elasticity and hydration which also helps to fight free radicals thanks to its antioxidant-rich formulation.


The oil itself has the most beautiful, intense colour and rich texture that works amazingly well on its own as a facial oil or in conjunction with other oils, serums and moisturisers within your skincare routine. The serum leaves behind a radiant, nourished and glowing complexion without any greasy residue or shine. The rose aroma is perfectly balanced, with a delicate floral scent that works in harmony with the natural earthiness of the organic oils.


This serum has certainly been a delight to use within my beauty regime, giving my dry skin the TLC it deserves. My first impressions have been amazing so far and a full-sized version is certainly on my repurchase list.

Botanicals: Rosa-Renew Anti-Aging Serum – £14.00 – £48.75

Lucy Bee: Vanilla Lip Scrub

I think the one part of our bodies that is often forgotten is our lips as sometimes they need a pamper much like the rest of our skin. Lucy Bee’s Vanilla Lip Scrub has certainly aided my dry and chapped lips that have been hating the windy weather we’ve been experiencing recently.


The lip scrub itself has a unique texture that isn’t greasy or too abrasive like other lip scrubs i’ve used in the past, but instead has a looser, slightly drier formulation that glides over lips with ease. The scrub is formulated with organic ingredients such as coconut sugar, sweet almond oil, candelilla and vanilla to create a sweet smelling scrub that boasts great results. My lips were left feeling soft, smooth and intensely nourished – so much so that I didn’t feel the need to immediately use lip balm after use. As you only need such a small amount of product, this £5 jar is certainly amazingly good value for money.

This lip scrub is truly one of the best i’ve used and I cannot wait to put it to the test throughout the colder weather when Winter arrives.

Lucy Bee: Vanilla Lip Scrub – £5

Odylique: Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie

Hand creams are my nemesis when it comes to skincare as the typical stickiness and greasy residue are certainly not a welcome addition to my beauty routine. Thankfully my experience with Odylique’s Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie is a far cry from my previous experiences and has a texture like no other.


The Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie is a blend of beautiful ingredients including aloe vera juice, coconut and cocoa butters, cold-pressed avocado, calendula and sea buckthorn, as well as essential oils of lemon, geranium and lemongrass to not only soothe and nourish dry and chapped hands but also leave skin smelling glorious – like lemon sorbet on a Summer’s day. The scent alone is a winner but it is the creamy yet non-sticky and highly absorbent texture that makes this a keeper. My hands have certainly felt intensely nourished after use and even patches of eczema on my hands has been soothed.


If you’re looking for a great quality hand cream that performs well and doesn’t break the bank, then Odylique’s Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie could be the one for you.

Odylique’s Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie – £12.00

Casa Mencarelli: Sicilia Green Clay and Lemon Mask

I was so pleased to see Casa Mencarelli’s Sicilia Mask in this month’s box as it is already a mask I know and love within my beauty routine.


You can find my previous review here, but if you’re looking for a mask that works wonders on dull and lack-lustre skin, and doubles as an exfoliating scrub, then look no further than Casa Mencarelli’s Sicila Green Clay and Lemon Mask and Scrub.

Casa Mencarelli: Sicilia Green Clay and Lemon Face Mask and Scrub – £8.00 – £25.00


To say that i’ve been impressed with this month’s box would be an understatement, as the brands and products featured have certainly made a good impression. I can’t wait to put these products to the test over a longer period of time as I’m sure they will only continue to impress with amazing results. The Natural Beauty Box has certainly celebrated the best of organic, as the high quality of each product showcases everything good about organic beauty as the high quality, certified ingredients have made these formulations some of the best around.

Are you a subscriber? Don’t forget to check out The Natural Beauty Box website to see all the plans available.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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