When it comes to trying new skincare, there is nothing better than discovering a brand who not only stock trial sizes of each product on their website, but also present beautifully packaged eco-friendly sets that offer a chance to experience exactly what the brand has to offer.

Inner Senses’ Face Discovery Set is a cost-effective way of exploring the complete facial collection with five facial products comprising of Raspberry Rose, Deep Blue C, Reset, Glow and Greenhouse Cleansing Oil. Each 5ml sample is completely plastic free and is accompanied with a soft, organic muslin cloth and jute drawstring bag featuring Inner Senses branding.


The Face Discovery Set is a great way to try each facial oil for yourself without the commitment of buying full-size, but will also make a great travel companion and all-year-round gift option too. The range of oils are perfect for a wide range of skin types so with the Face Discovery Set at hand, you’ll be prepared for any skincare eventuality and get a true sense of the high quality, organic products that encapsulates the hollistic ethos that Inner Senses stands for.


Raspberry Rose Replenishing Facial Oil

Raspberry Rose is the newest member of the Inner Senses family as it’s a re-formulation of Rose Precious that was discontinued earlier this year. Raspberry Rose is the perfect oil for those with a dry, damaged or more mature skin types and is a skincare saviour at this time of year as it helps to protect from the harsh elements that can take its toll on our skin.


The oil itself has the most stunning texture as it’s rich yet highly absorbent and intensely nourishing. I have personally been reaping the benefit of Raspberry Rose since its launch as it is the perfect everyday oil for use in both your AM and PM routine. You can read my first impressions here, but if you’re looking for a deeply nourishing oil that has a beautifully fruity and floral aroma then Raspberry Rose is certainly the oil for you.

Raspberry Rose Replenishing Oil: £7.00 – £34.00

Deep Blue C Facial Oil

Deep Blue C is an award-winning oil that is one of Inner Senses bestsellers due to it’s amazing properties that benefit a variety of skin concerns from oily skin prone to breakouts to sensitive skin that needs some TLC. Deep Blue C is my personal go-to oil if I am experiencing any irritation on my skin, whether that be redness, an eczema flare-up or the occasional area of congestion, the skin loving ingredients in Deep Blue C begins to calm my skin after just one application and completely eradicates my issues within 1 – 2 weeks.


The earthy, slightly medicinal aroma of the oil makes it a pleasure to use as it is unlike anything i’ve ever used before. The lightweight texture is deeply moisturising yet doesn’t feel heavy on the skin therefore it works in harmony with your existing skincare routine. You can see my previous review here if you’d like to know more about my experience, but what I will say is that Deep Blue C is an oil I always have in my beauty stash as it never fails to deliver amazing results on my problematic skin.

Deep Blue C Facial Oil: £9.00 – £42.00

Glow Facial Oil

If you’re ever unsure of which face oil is going to give you a brighter, smoother complexion then Glow is going to be the oil for you. Glow is the only facial oil in the Inner Senses range formulated with every skin type in mind thanks to the stunning ingredients that are guaranteed to leave you with a glowing complexion every time. Glow for me is an everyday oil for when my skin is feeling good, but is perhaps a little dry or looking a little lack-lustre. The stunning blend leaves skin looking dewy, fresh and deeply moisturised, and creates the perfect glowing base for make-up application.


The intense yet perfectly balanced neroli aroma makes this a pleasure to use all year around and certainly brings a smile to my face every time I use it. They’ll be a full review of this gorgeous oil very soon but if you’re looking for a great all-rounder then Glow is certainly the oil to try.

Glow Facial Oil: £7.00 – £23.00

Reset Vibrancy Facial Elixir

Reset is another amazing facial oil that is perfect for irritated skin yet is more beneficial with skin concerns linked to environmental factors as opposed to Deep Blue C that deals with skin concerns associated with skin type and health. Reset is formulated to help deal with physiological and environmental stress on the skin which can leave the complexion dull, congested and generally feeling unbalanced.


The deeply nourishing formulation containing rich antioxidants such as prickly pear, moringa and strawberry seed oil, leaves skin smoother, softer and intensely moisturised while also reducing signs of aging and maintaining a more radiant complexion. The oil has a warm yet fresh aroma that makes using Reset an incredibly wholesome experience. They’ll be a review of Reset coming soon but if your skin is in need of some intense pampering, Reset will certainly deliver.

Reset Vibrancy Facial Elixir: £10.00 – £52.00

Greenhouse Tomato and Carrot Seed Renewing Oil Cleanser

There’s nothing I love more from my cleansing routine than a cleanser that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean yet also nourished and brighter – which is why Greenhouse has been my go-to AM cleanse since it launched earlier this year.


Before using Greenhouse, I saved my oil cleansers for make-up removal yet Greenhouse is so special that it deserves to be used as an integral part of any beauty routine. The deep, orange hue is rich and silky on the skin yet wipes away all traces of dirt, SPF, make-up and daily impurities without any issues, leaving behind skin that feels and looks balanced and brighter in its appearance. The scent is very nostalgic for me, as it reminds me of summer days helping my Granddad in his greenhouse as it truly harnesses the natural aromas that make this oil cleanser so nourishing.

You can see my first impressions here but if you’re going to try any oil cleanser before the end of 2019, then make sure that it’s Greenhouse as you certainly won’t regret it.

Greenhouse Tomato & Carrot Seed Renewing Cleansing Oil: £3.50/£28.00/£42.00


As you can see, the contents of this beautiful discovery set is certainly a great way to try Inner Senses before making that full-size purchase commitment and would make anybody’s day if given as a gift.

This discovery set recently featured in my Natural Skincare Christmas Gift Guide as it’s presentation and incredible value for money makes it a great way to explore Inner Senses and experience the holistic benefits that the natural, organic and vegan friendly products have to offer.

Inner Senses: Face Discovery Set – £35.00


What is your favourite Inner Senses product? Don’t forget you can get a free trial size gift with any full-size purchase with the code ‘EMMA’.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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