I love discovering a new brand, especially when they have a strong, ethical ethos and effective product range which really makes them stand out on the green beauty market. When I discovered Seilich last year, I was blown away by their Earth conscious practice that made them one of my favourite brand discoveries of 2020

Seilich are a brand that believe in giving back, creating products such as their face mist collection using flowers grown in their own wildflower meadow. The brand are certified wildlife friendly, as they do more than create beautiful skincare but actually give back to nature rather than continually take from the natural world around us.

Sally distills the floral waters within her products herself, and celebrates the best of Scottish ingredients by basing her product range on the floral waters of native Scottish species of flowers. It is these small elements that really made a big impression and excited me to try their products for the very first time.

As floral waters are so special to Seilich, it seemed only right that my first stop on my Seilich journey would be their face mist range that comes in full sized 50ml versions, or a trial set with all three face mists in 20ml sizes – a set which actually won a bronze award in the Free From Gift Awards 2020.

The Face Mist set was beautifully packaged and actually featured in my own gift guide last year. What I love in particular about Seilich face mists is that combine floral waters with natural moisturisers, such as glycerin, and botanical extracts of oat and comfrey to really help bring an additional level of hydration the skin.

Chamomile & Wild Carrot

Chamomile water is one of my go-to floral waters within my skincare routine, and although I love carrot as a skincare ingredient, this was certainly my first experience of it within a facial mist. Both Roman Chamomile and Wild Carrot are great for aggravated or sensitive skin thanks to their calming properties that help to soothe thanks to their naturally anti-inflammatory benefits. What is also a great benefit of this particular facial mist is that it is very mild in terms of its astringent properties so although it still has that element, it will remain gentle on the skin.

I personally loved to integrate this within my evening skincare routine as it was a great way to ensure that my skin was calm at the end of the day and really prepped for my slightly richer products within my nightly routine. I personally found the scent took a little getting used to as it has quite a grassy, hay-like aroma but after a few uses, the scent really grew on me and I really enjoy the whole experience.

Seilich: Chamomile & Wild Carrot Face Mist – £20.00 (when sold separately)

Rose & Mallow Face Mist

Rosewater is a great staple floral water for every skin type yet the addition of mallow makes this particular face mist great for normal and mature skin thanks to the deeply nourishing yet balancing benefits.

I love to use this within my AM routine, as the beautiful wild rose petals give this a lovely sweet rose aroma that is so beautiful and really sets my skin and senses up for the day ahead. I have also added this particular face mist into my masking routine, as I find the nourishing element really useful for my dry skin type when activating a clay mask. It is a truly stunning facial mist that elevates a simply rosewater into something very special indeed.

Seilich: Rose & Mallow Face Mist – £20.00/50ml

Mint & Yarrow Face Mist

There is something about the scent of mint that is uplifting, refreshing and instantly energising on the mind – and this facial mist is certainly no exception. The blend is perfect for most skin types, but those with oily, normal or aggravated skin may reap more of the skin-loving benefits due to its refreshing, cooling and astringent properties.

The mint and yarrow combination is fresh yet sweet at the same time, lingering on the skin slightly longer than the previous two facial mists. For this reason, the Mint & Yarrow Face Mist has been a great addition during the day, as not only does it refresh my skin but it also helps to focus my mind and boost concentration too. As we are all adjusting to a change of routines, I find this is great to have at hand just to hydrate the skin and awaken the senses.

Seilich: Mint & Yarrow Face Mist – £20.00/50ml

It is safe to say that my first Seilich experience has been exceptional, with amazing experiences with each product that has really boosted my current skincare routine. What I love is that the trial/Face Mist Set is not only allows you to explore the whole face mist range but is a great way to introduce natural beauty enthusiasts and novices alike, with a set that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Seilich: Face Mist Trial Set – £32.00

Seilich will certainly be a brand i’ll be exploring again very soon as their values, practices and product range makes them incredibly exciting to watch as this small, family-run business continues to grow.

Fancy trying Seilich for yourself? You can get 10% off all orders with the code BF10.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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