As we come to the end of a difficult year, it’s time to reflect upon the highs and lows of 2020 and when it comes to natural beauty, there have been some truly great products arrive at Beauty Folio HQ.

I have discovered some incredible indie brands throughout the year that have really upgraded my routine for the better, with products that gave great results with innovative, highly quality formulations and have celebrated the very best of natural ingredients and ethical beauty.I have chosen ten new-to-me brands that have continually wowed me throughout 2020, along with five brands that have made a great first impression…

Top 10 Brand Discoveries of 2020

(in Alphabetical Order)

Beauty Cleanse Skincare

When it comes to minimal beauty, no brand does it better than Beauty Cleanse Skincare. Their capsule collection contains two, multipurpose products that aim to reduce the amount of items within your beauty routine.

Mean Green Superfood Drops and Carrot Algae Marine Drops both tackle a multitude of issues from from hair and nails to supercharging your skincare routine. What is even better about the duo is that they are both great for all skin and hair types, making them perfect for all your beauty needs.

Blue Labelle

I’ve used a number of Blue Labelle products this year and can honestly say that I have never been disappointed with their performance as they have each delivered on their promises time and time again.

Blue Labelle have an extensive range of skincare and lifestyle products that have beautiful formulations, vibrant packaging and a wide variety of purchase options across their whole range. It is the passion and dedication to great skincare that have made them one of my go-to brands as we head into 2021, and I cannot wait to explore more skincare delights very soon.

Happy Carrot Skincare

I always find myself smiling when I use Happy Carrot Skincare products as not only is the capsule collection made up of amazing vegan skincare products but the packaging is fun, quirky and evokes joy with every application!

What I love most about the brand is that they have multiple sizes and purchase options, with an easy ordering process that makes this a brand you’ll want to explore further within 2021.

J Botanics

The brand had been on my radar for a while and after trying a few of their products this year, it is safe to say that i’m already looking to expand my J Botanics collection!

It is not just the beautiful formulations and performance of each product that has made them one of my favorites this year but also the way they offer something for everyone. Their sensitive skincare range in particular has really impressed and I cannot wait to try more from the brand in the coming year.

NK Naturals

I’ve been in love with NK Naturals throughout the whole of 2020, with seasonal collections that celebrate the best of ingredients in line with the lunar calender.

The brand offer something very unique when it comes to skincare, with products all working in harmony with each other to deliver everything your skin needs at particular times of the year. NK Naturals have really thought of everything from the initial purchase to the incredible skincare results, making you feel like you are part of something very special indeed.

Okiki Skincare

Leaping Bunny-approved Okiki Skincare have gone from strength to strength this year, and after using several of their products throughout 2020, I can certainly see why.

Okiki Skincare are a mother and daughter duo who create affordable beauty and lifestyle products inspired by their West African heritage. They have a range of products available to suit all scent preferences, skin ans hair types so you will always find exactly what you need in your beauty regime.

Raven Botanicals

It is safe to say that I was instantly smitten with Raven Botanicals’ Skin Saviour Facial Oil when I discovered it earlier this year and since then, my love for the brand has grown with each new product I try.

The brand was brave enough to launch during a global pandemic but this certainly hasn’t phased this Sister duo as they continually impress with each new product I try. What I love most is how they offer something for everyone and their attention to detail in everything from the packaging to the beautiful ingredients that go into each formulation. If you haven’t tried them already then you really must in 2021.


Multipurpose skincare is a great way to streamline your skincare rituals and when it comes to creating multi-use products, SoapNSkin are one of my go-to brands.

What I love is how SoapNSkin’s product range is inspired by age-old rituals passed down through generations, making you feel like you are part of something much bigger every time you use their skincare. They have a multitude of scent options available across their skincare range and will certain remain a part of my own skincare routine well into 2021.

Tam Mason

When I first discovered Tam Mason’s range of sugar scrubs, I was blown away by everything from the Earth-conscious packaging and ethical ethos of the brand to the stunning blends and performance of the products themselves.

Their hand scrubs in particular have been hand care heroes this year, not only helping to battle dry skin with the changeable British weather but also Covid-related dryness due to excessive hand washing and use of alcohol sanitiser. I love the way in which by using a hand scrub, I don’t have to follow with any hand cream as they are so nourishing that hands are left feeling incredibly soft. I have more reviews coming your way in 2021, but it is safe to say that Tam Mason’s products will be in my routine for the foreseeable future.

The Wild Nettle Co

Last but by no means least is this gorgeous brand that takes the humble nettle and creates something very special indeed.

The Wild Nettle Co’s beautiful capsule collection continually delivers great results, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. The ethical brand are incredibly Earth-conscious in their packaging and formulate high quality, affordable products from soap and hair oil to muscle balm and soothing cream. They are certainly a brand to watch in 2021 and if you haven’t tried them already then I highly recommend you add them to your wish list for next year.

Even though I have discovered ten brands that have changed my routine for the better, there have also been some brands that have made a great first impression after just using one product or trying trial sizes of their skincare. The following brands have really made a lasting impression which means i’ll certainly be exploring more of their products in 2021…

Top 5 Brands Who’ve Made a Great First Impression

(in Alphabetical Order)

Blanka Soap

Soap bars are my go-to when it comes to eco-beauty swaps as they are an easy switch that are great for the environment as well as your skin.

Blanka Soap was a great find this year with some lovely soaps that have really left a lasting impression with their beautiful skin loving benefits, perfectly balanced aromas and pretty looking bars that come beautifully packaged. I’ll be trying more from the brand next year as they begin to branch out from soap into other skincare delights.

Pretty Special Beauty

If you’d have told me this time last year that a hand sanitiser would have ignited my love of a brand, I don’t think I would have believed it!

Yet here we are, in the crazy world of 2020 where this hand sanitiser helped me discover Pretty Special Beauty, a beauty brand with a capsule collection which is natural, organic and vegan friendly. The products are formulated to work in harmony with your skin to leave it nourished, hydrated and perfectly balanced. I’m currently trying out a few samples of their products and I am certainly impressed with their performance so far and can’t wait to explore the brand further very soon.

Roze Mountain

My yearly round-up of favourite new-to-me brands usually focuses upon the best of British yet Roze Mountain made so much of an impact, they are actually the only non-British brand to feature in my favourites of 2020!

Roze Mountain are a Belgian skincare brand who specialise in anti-pollution skincare, formulating products designed with busy lifestyles in mind, to leave skin looking and feeling at its very best. The products are innovative, nourishing and inject a little Middle-Eastern magic into your skincare routine thanks to the founder’s heritage. I am currently testing out my second product and it is safe to say that is living up to my high expectations of this truly special skincare brand.


I am so glad to have discovered Seilich a few months ago as I truly admire everything from their ethics, products and customer care that certainly makes them stand out in a crowd.

I’ve been trying out their beautiful facial mists that featured in my Natural Skincare Christmas Gift Guide this year and have been blown away by the results so far. A review will be coming very soon but I cannot wait to try more from Seilich’s extensive range of skincare delights in 2021 as they really are the epitome of everything I look for in a natural beauty brand.

Solo Skin London

I may have only tried one Solo Skin London product but after such a great experience, i’m sure it won’t be my last!

Solo Skin London formulate products with busy lives in mind, with a plethora of beautiful ingredients to leave your skin looking and feeling at it’s very best. I love the way they offer a fragrance free version of their Night Face Oil, as well as smaller sizes of their collection, as it really shows how dedicated they are for their customers to find the right products for their skin.

Did you spot any of your favourites here? Let me know what brands and products you’ve been loving this year in the comments below, or head over to my social channels to share your thoughts.

As this is my last blog post of 2020 I would just like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support over the past year and wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

*Disclaimer: Some of the items featured may have been previously gifted while others have been purchased with my own money. For more details on gifted products, please check out the disclaimer section on my website which can be found here.

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