After trying several products from Myroo Skincare in the past year, the brand have certainly become one of my favourites. Their product range, which comes in both a fragranced and fragrance-free option caters for everyone, yet is designed especially with sensitive and allergy-prone skin in mind.

When Rare Beauty launched back in May, Myroo’s Superfood Balm was one of the first items I purchased as I’d had such a great experience trying it briefly in the mini-collection the previous month. I always have to praise Myroo on first impressions, as their packaging is always so eye-catching with it’s modern, simplistic design that really sets it above many other natural beauty brands.

myroo box

Superfood Balm is a multipurpose product that I couldn’t live without, and i’m not surprised that it’s an award-winner. The silky smooth balm has a very soft texture unlike balms i’ve used in the past as it’s not thick or heavy in any way. The scent is glorious, with zesty mandarin and undertones of ginger essential oils featuring in Myroo’s unique blend which is a treat for the senses as well as the skin.With key ingredients such as raspberry seed oil and cucumber seed oil, along with a wealth of other skin loving ingredients, this nourishing balm is high in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the regeneration of skin cells.

myroo balm

It’s uses are endless, from moisturising dry skin on elbows, knees and feet to taming flyaways and smoothing unruly eyebrows. I personally love to use this as an overnight mask when my skin is feeling particularly dry and out of sorts. Just a thin layer all over the face makes for skin which is smooth, soft and looking radiant in the morning. It even helps to soften patches of eczema and is the perfect all rounder for great skin. During the summer months, when the hot weather played havoc with balms, I left my balm in the fridge to stop it from melting. This lead to Myroo’s Superfood Balm becoming my summer saviour as it instantly cooled and soothed the skin, and calmed any redness and irritation. The best news is that it is incredibly great value for money, as a little balm goes such a long way, meaning that the jar I purchased back in May is only just coming to the end.

Myroo Superfood Balm: £25.00/40g  (available in both fragranced and fragrance-free option). 


close up

Myroo have certainly wowed me yet again with their beautiful products which deliver every time. The Superfood Balm is a product that everyone should have at hand for any dry skin emergency. I can certainly see their Superfood Balm staying in my beauty routine for the long haul, especially as we approach the winter months. The quality and results of Myroo products is amazing, and I certainly can’t recommend the brand and their range enough.

Have you tried any Myroo products yet? If you fancy a read, you can find all my other reviews from the brand here.

Take care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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