The Natural Beauty Box never fails to disappoint with amazing brands and products that feature each month and I have to say that September’s box was certainly no exception.

Last month’s box was in collaboration with the lovely Ana over at Ana Goes Green. She’s a beauty and lifestyle blogger who is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to eco-friendly beauty and is definitely a blogger you want to be following. September’s box really celebrated the best of organic, from skincare saviours to all-purpose cleaners; this box certainly had it all.

As the box was bursting with organic beauty delights, I couldn’t possibly open it on my own so had to call upon my faithful friend to help me out…


It was great to see some brands that were new to me, as well as some old favourites, as this is one of the reasons why I love a beauty box; there is always an amazing selection of goodies which you might have not discovered on your own. As always, everything featured in The Natural Beauty Box is ethical, vegan and cruelty-free, and arrived nicely packaged and right on time – all for just £25.00!

All 2

Bentley Organics: Rose Geranium Hand Cream

hand cream.jpg

Hand creams are the bane of my life as I can’t live without them yet they often feel greasy and take hours to fully absorb into the skin. This is where Bentley Organic’s Rose Geranium Hand Cream is different, as not only is the formula incredibly lightweight, but it is also absorbs almost instantly into the skin. Nourishing cocoa and shea butter, alongside avocado and almond oil, leave hands feeling softer, smoother and highly moisturised. I’ve noticed that as the weather is getting cooler, I am reaching for this more and more and have to say that my hands have never looked better as for once, I can apply hand cream and continue my daily tasks straight-away without waiting for my hands to lose their greasy appearance. The Rose Geranium scent is light and not overpowering at all, and leaves a subtle floral fragrance on the skin for a while after application. Bentley Organic’s motto is ‘of the Earth, not costing the Earth’ which is certainly realised in this gorgeous hand cream which is such amazing quality at an incredible affordable price. This is definitely a brand i’ll be exploring further, as I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer.

Bentley Organic: Rose Geranium Hand Cream – £5.95/75ml

Herbfarmacy: TLC Balm

erbfarmacyI am a huge fan of balms, especially ones which are multipurpose so was excited to see Herbfarmacy in last month’s box. Herbfarmacy is different from other brands as they actually grow the herbs and flowers that go into their extensive range to ensure the finest possible quality right from seed to the final product. Their TLC Balm is the perfect all rounder and is designed to be used by everybody all over the body. It can be used as an after shave balm, intensive moisturiser and even on nappy rash of babies over the age of 6 weeks!  What I love most is that the balm itself has a very subtle scent of chamomile which dissipates quickly on the skin. The TLC Balm will last such a long time, as even though it is very hard within the pot, it melts instantly on the skin meaning a little goes a very long way. It is lovely and light yet intensely moisturising thanks to marshmallow and burdock, and is also soothing and calming thanks to wild pansy and chamomile. I’ve found it most useful on my dry eyelids and on the eczema around my nose which has now gone thanks to TLC balm. I have loved everything from the brand’s ethos, the zero waste packaging to the quality of the multi-functional balm itself. It is a product that i’ve been reaching for more and more and I can guarantee will be a skin saviour during the Winter months.

Herbfarmacy: TLC Balm – £16.00/30ml

Pinks Boutique: Anti-Aging Serum (7ml Try-Me Size)

Pinks serum

I was thrilled to see Pinks Boutique among the brands featured in this organic box as they are among one of my favourite brand discoveries of 2018, as I love the way their spa-products allow you to bring a luxury experience into your everyday beauty routine. This gorgeous oil-based serum is rich in antioxidants and natural plant extracts to help tackle sun damage and signs of aging. As someone with a dry skin type, oil-based serums are among my essential skincare items as they certainly help to maintain moisture levels throughout the day. This anti-aging serum from Pinks Boutique certainly exceeded my expectations, as it is rich yet lightweight and absorbs beautifully into the skin without leaving an oily residue on the surface. It really helped with my dry skin which has been suffering during the season change, and within just a few applications, it made my skin look less lack-lustre and intensely nourished.  The best news is that this serum smells heavenly, yet didn’t linger on the face for too long after application. This is certainly a product which will be going on my wish list, as with results this good after just a few days, I can’t wait to see the long term effects.

Pinks Boutique: Anti-Aging Serum – £7.50/7ml or £44.00/30ml

Pinks Boutique: Hydrating Deep Cleanse Melt

Pinks balm

I have to say that i’ve been loving cleansing balms lately, and this Hydrating Deep Cleanse Melt from Pinks Boutique has certainly earned its place among my favourites. This silky smooth balm certainly lives up to its name as the skin loving ingredients, such as shea butter, calendula and glycerin certainly leaves my dry and dehydrated skin feeling incredibly hydrated as the balm literally melts away make-up, dirt and impurities. I love how this balm can be used for both a first cleanse to remove make-up and and second cleanse to give pores a deep clean. A little balm goes a very long way as you only need a small amount to work its magic. This balm certainly added an element of luxury into my cleansing routine and left my face feeling soft, clean and fresh with no tightness or dry patches. I have already planned on purchasing the full-sized version of this as I am in love with the quality and effectiveness of this stunning cleansing melt.

Pinks Boutique: Hydrating Deep Cleanse Melt – £4.50/5g or £40.00/60g

Odylique: Coconut Candy Scrub


I’m always on the look out for good body scrubs so was very excited to see Odylique’s Coconut Candy scrub making an appearance as I had heard so many great things about the brand. The coconut scent is gloriously intense and smells good enough to eat, and certainly adds a tropical flare to your pampering regime. The sugar cane based scrub, which includes poppy seeds for an additional exfoliating boost, also comprises of cocoa bean butter and virgin coconut to leave skin hydrated and moisturised. The texture has the perfect balance of grittiness, as it buffs away dead skin cells without being too abrasive on the skin, and was even gentle enough to use on some dry patches of eczema. My skin was left feeling silky smooth and deeply moisturised, as the scrub really invigorated both my body and senses.  I also found a small amount of scrub went a long way,  spreading beautifully across the skin and not just falling off the body like many other body scrubs on the market. If you are looking for a gentle yet effective body scrub that smells incredible, then look no further than Odylique’s Coconut Candy Scrub.

Odylique: Coconut Candy Scrub – £1.75/5ml or £25.00/175g

Tabitha James Kraan: Clean Conditioner (Golden Citrus)


Tabitha James Kraan hair products have been on my wish list ever since I tried some samples of their infamous hair cleanser and hair oil a few months ago. Tabitha James Kraan founded her salon on the two principles: an organic approach and great hair. These principles are certainly carried through to the eponymous products that are truly game changers within hair care. This Clean Conditioner is gloriously creamy in texture, and truly coats each strand of hair with nourishing conditioner which surprisingly rinses out with ease and leaves no greasy residue on the hair. After use, my hair was full of life, bounce and most importantly, was nourished from root to tip. The Golden Citrus scent is divine, with uplifting neroli, bergamot and tangerine blending with lavender, tea tree and myrrh to give the perfect treat for the hair and senses. I can’t recommend this conditioner enough, as it really has made a difference to the overall condition of my hair. I will certainly be repurchasing this, along with some other full-sized hair treats in the not so distant future as you will certainly have to go a long way to better this experience.

Tabitha James Kraan: Clean Conditioner – £32.00/200ml

Green Scents:Minty Castile Soap


This was the first time i’d heard of Green Scents and I have to say that it was nice to receive something a little different in September’s box. I absolutely love multipurpose products and you don’t get more versatile than Castile soap. Perfect for cleaning laundry, surfaces and even teeth, body and hair on occasion, this really is the perfect all rounder. The minty scent is intense and fresh, and lingers for a good amount of time after use. I have used this in several ways so far, as both a surface cleaner and for hand washing my reusable face cloths and cotton pads – and have even brushed my teeth with it. It was highly effective at cleansing my cleansing cloths, as it made them smell clean and fresh and look as good as new. As a surface cleaner in the bathroom, it did a great job at tackling toothpaste and soap residue from the sink and again, made the bathroom smell minty fresh. After cleaning, my hands felt soft and I didn’t notice any dryness on my skin at all. As a tooth cleaner, I have to say that the taste wasn’t great and did remind me that I was technically using a cleaning product to brush my teeth. However, after use, my whole mouth felt clean and my teeth had never felt so smooth or tasted as minty. The factor that I am most astonished about is that I’ve used such a small amount, even after several uses. This is definitely a product, and a brand, that i’ll be purchasing from again as the results have certainly exceeded my expectations.

Green Scents: Minty Castile Soap – £2.00/60ml upto £400.00/20ltrs 

Fushi: 100% Pure Organic Shea Butter 


From one multi-purpose product to another, this lovely sample of Fushi’s Shea Butter was a welcomed addition as I love using raw ingredients within my skincare routine. Shea butter is the base of so many beauty products as it’s vitamin rich and highly nourishing on even the most oily to dry skin types. This shea butter has a lovely texture and is a great quality thanks to having nothing added or taken away – it is exactly as nature intended. From lip balm to facial cleanser, body moisturiser and hair smoother, it really is the a one-stop pot of goodness. The great news about using raw ingredients such as Fushi’s 100% Pure Organic Shea Butter is that you can easily personalise the butter by adding your own essential oils – so it really is the perfect multipurpose product for everyone.

Fushi: 100% Pure Organic Shea Butter – £12.00/250g

Inlight Beauty: Face Oil


This was the first time i’d heard of Inlight Beauty, and despite only trying this sample sachet, i’m sure it won’t be the last. As many of you know, i’m a huge fan of face oils and this one was certainly no exception. On first impressions alone, the oil felt lightweight and absorbed beautifully into the skin without leaving behind any residue. What I loved most was the scent, which was heady with vanilla and rose and remained on the skin for several hours. I will certainly be exploring Inlight Beauty more so after this experience, as the quality of this face oil felt amazing in an instant and certainly left me wanting to try more.

Inlight Beauty: Face Oil – £7.00/5ml or £42.00/30ml

Odylique: Timeless Rose Moisturiser

Rose sachet

Finally, there was an additional Odylique product in September’s box in the form of this lovely sample of their Timeless Rose Moisturiser. This moisturiser has a lovely light texture yet feels rich on the skin and extremely nourishing. I personally wasn’t too much of a fan of the scent however the benefits of the moisturiser, with its naturally antioxidant rich formula and free-radical fighting properties, it is easy to overlook my personal dislike of the fragrance and definitely add this to my wish list.

Odylique: Timeless Rose Moisturiser – £8.00/15ml or £23.00/50ml


September’s Natural Beauty Box collaboration with Ana Goes Green has been packed full of amazing organic products which have seriously impressed me. I loved the mix of products which really gave this box some diversity, and truly celebrated the best of ethical and organic beauty.

Don’t forget to check out Ana Goes Green, and head over to The Natural Beauty Box for all the subscriptions offers available!

Did you receive this month’s box? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x


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