I’m sure i’m not alone when I say that i’ve always wanted longer eyelashes as i’m not blessed with naturally long lashes, and I have never been able to wear false ones either. Therefore you can imagine my delight when Unearthd Company asked me if i’d like to try their new lash and brow serum, which promises to condition lashes and brows while you sleep.

Unearthd Co. is the new sister company of Naissance Trading, a brand which i’m already familiar with after trying their Chia Seed oil earlier this year. Unearthd Co. pride themselves on sourcing ethical and sustainable raw ingredients from across the globe, direct from the grower, to create 100% natural products to enhance your beauty routine.  All their products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly, and are expertly blended to formulate high quality and effective products.


Cast Your Eyes on Me is a serum designed to boost shine, strengthen, thicken, condition and lengthen your lashes and brows as you sleep. The oil-based serum comes in a 30ml bottle, along with a smaller tube and wand for easy application. This not only makes it highly effective to apply but it’s also handy for travelling and prevents any bacteria contaminating the whole bottle of serum. Cast Your Eyes on Me contains only 6 ingredients, including golden jojoba oil, baobab oil, castor oil, vitamin E, virgin coconut oil and bio-active Inca Inchi – with each ingredient working it’s magic to enhance your natural lashes and brows. This overnight treatment can also be used on thinning areas of hair too, so there really is more that meets the eye (no pun intended!).


The oil has a very subtle fresh scent, and despite being lightweight in texture, clings to the lashes and brows well, and doesn’t go into the eyes at all. When I initially began to use the serum, I didn’t notice any immediate changes in the appearance of my lashes, although I would say that they were definitely softer to the touch. It wasn’t until I decided to apply my usual mascara after around 3 weeks of use that I really noticed a difference. My lashes were longer, fuller and held their curl without any help from my trusty eye-lash curlers. The change was certainly noticeable, and I couldn’t believe the difference in their appearance in such a short space of time. On reflection, I don’t feel like i’ve lost as many eyelashes as usual, as I was always finding rouge lashes on my cheek or in my eye, and since using Unearthd Co.’s Cast Your Eyes on Me, this has been a very rare occurrence. My lashes look and feel healthier, have now grown longer and continue to feel fuller as the weeks go on.


As I have quite strong brows, with only a few sparse areas, I didn’t really have high expectations if Cast Your Eyes on Me would have an effect on my eyebrows. However, after using the serum for around a month, I definitely began to notice a difference in the slightly gapped areas within my brows, and now need to pluck my brows a little more frequent than usual. In a similar way to my lashes, my brows certainly feel softer and and look fuller in their appearance. I feel like my brows are keeping their shape a little more (as the individual hairs don’t seem to be sticking out in different directions), so I can’t wait to continue using the serum to completely eradicate my slightly sparse brows.

I have certainly been impressed by the results I experienced within a short space of time, and having used the serum for just under 3 months, I can honestly say that it has continued to wow me. Not only have the results been amazing, but the serum goes such a long way as I still have over half left, so it will certainly last at least 6 months. The results i’ve witnessed with Unearthd Co.’s Cast Your Eyes on Me has left me wanting to try more from their beautiful range of products. I feel like the brand have truly thought of everything, from their fun name, beautifully-modern packaging, innovative product application and ethical ethos, that it will be among my favourites for the foreseeable future.

Unearthd Company: Cast Your Eyes on Me – £17.99/30ml


To find out more, follow Unearthd Co. on Instagram, or head over to their website where you can find a link to the products and sign-up for their offers and news of their new website launch coming soon.

Have you tried any Unearthd Co. products yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge but I was under no obligation to write a positive review. All the thoughts and opinions in this post are honest and my own.

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